Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life in Stepton: The High School Domination Primer, part 1

As noted, domination and feminization is a core requirement at Stepton High. Here's a look at the initial textbook for that curriculum.

Having placed the implant at the base of her subject's neck (note the glow at the neck and in the eyes), Mistress Carla begins the physical transformation with the application of cosmetics.

Students will note that the subject is temporarily bound with leather restraints. Since the implant programming can take up to 30 minutes to completely affect the male mind, this is a precaution against flight.

This initial cosmetic procedure should be a long, sensuous process, aimed at making the transformed subject's system equate feminization with sexual arousal.

Although the implant will instill such feelings as well, it has been found that the proper physical stimulations during initial programming will increase the power of the implant's effects.

At this stage, the subject has begun to fixate on the Mistress. The earliest parts of the implant programming prepare the transformation candidate to worship the female form in the person of his original feminizer. Later, additional programming can be added to make the accomplished sissy subservient and lustful to all women, to varying degrees, according to the wishes of her Mistress.

Mistress Carla uses the glowing jewels at her ears and throat to signify the women to whom her trainees show devotion. Other visual and audio cues can also be programmed.

Best results have been achieved when the most extreme of feminine looks are used in the initial stages--hence the use of dramatic cosmetics (dark eye makeup and heavy, shiny red lip colors). Note that the cheeks have been colored to simulate a constant blush of humiliation and embarrassment.

Further lessons will be posted shortly.

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