Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Life in Stepton: The High School Domination Primer, part 2

[continuing our look at one of the prime textbooks at Stepton High]

Speaking to the subject during the transformation is also recommended. Mistress Carla tells her sissy, "How pretty you are! How beautiful and sexy you'll be when I'm done! You'll fall in love with yourself when you see the final picture!"

These words, combined with the physical stimulation of the transformation and the subliminal programming constantly fed into the subject's mind by the implant, will lead the sissy to desire, even crave, her own humiliating feminization and display as an emasculated sexual object.

At this point, the first stage of the transformation is complete. What follows is the choice of clothing and training for the new sissy!

Now the implant will begin making the physical changes in the subject's body, as programmed by the feminizing Mistress. (Further alterations can be made at any time--some Mistresses like to present their sissies with a different body type nearly every day!)

You will note that the subject's breasts have begun to expand into a more feminine form.

The next step in the outward changes is the hair. Some Mistresses prefer to leave the hair in a masculine style for the first several weeks, letting it grow out into a feminine cut over time. Mistress Carla has chosen a wig for the time being.

At this point, it is recommended that the Mistress begin addressing the subject by the feminine name she has chosen. Mistress Carla looks her sissy directly in the eye and calls her by name--"Suzie, Sissy Suzie." It is further recommended that such humiliating, childish appellations be used, at least in the early stages, to impress on the sissy her subservient, immature, status.

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