Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blue Jean Baby for Real

So, here are the women's blue jeans. They're from the Fashion Bug "Right Fit" line...in the yellow tag "straight" configuration. (They also come red--moderately curvy and blue--curvy.) Since, even cinched in, my waist and hips are nearly the same measurement, I figured this was the best choice. They are size 22WT (T is for tall) and boot cut. They are incredibly comfortable...so much so, I think I can leave them on most of the day!

I'm thinking of ordering another pair...perhaps in black or faded blue...but definitely in the regular length, not the tall (I think the shoe needs to show a bit more for a really girlish look), and possibly a size smaller (20W), for a tighter fit in the waist and ass. Any thoughts?

I'm wearing the white man-tailored blouse, black belt, gold jewelry, white hair bow, and black pumps with metal heels. It's blisteringly hot here (highs in the three-digit range), so I decided that--even in air conditioning--going without wig and makeup was the better part of valor...so all the cosmetics here are digitally applied.

Later this week, I'll begin a sort of review of my purchases in the first six months of 2010...and it should be cooler by then.

More pics on Flickr.

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