Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Training of Gwen: Prologue

This is not fiction. Some months back, a crossdresser named Gwen began an e-mail correspondence with me, complimenting me on the blog--specifically on the stories, the artwork, and on my sense of style as a faux woman. Soon she began sending me some pictures of herself. As you can see from the photos I've chosen to use to illustrate this post, Gwen has a strong fetishistic pull in her dressing. I began to critique her pictures, offering suggestions on clothes that might compliment her more and on ways to make her overall appearance more naturally feminine.

This led to Gwen asking me to work with her as a sort of long-distance dominatrix, to train her to become the sort of woman I think she could be. She even refers to me as "Madame Dani"! I agreed. Gwen is, if anything, even more submissive than I am, and she offered to let me use this training as an on-going series of posts on the blog. Her one caveat was that her face and the backgrounds of the pictures must be altered, to avoid possible identification.

That will mean that the videos we will do to work on her walking and gestures will not be shown here, nor will our makeup sessions. But we will show her new clothing purchases and her sessions to work on posing and sitting and presenting a feminine appearance photographically.

At this point, I've given Gwen a range of choices in clothing and shoes that she will begin to acquire over the next several months. In the meantime, her assignments are to work on walking and posing in the outfits she has now. I hope to present the results of those sessions in the next few weeks. As you can tell from these pictures, Gwen is a little stiff and formal in her posing, and I want to train her to be more natural and more animated in her photographic presentation.

Look for more of "The Training of Gwen" in the near future.

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