Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recapping 2010 So Far, 7

This is one of my most recent purchases. I ordered the skirt from Fashion Bug on line, then found the perfectly matching top when I picked up the skirt in the store. The shoes were a serendipitous simultaneous order from Payless. The belt is brand-new, purchased earlier this week. Other accessories are the white hair bow, pearls, and light hose. The one thing I dearly wish I had for this skirt (and several others) is a proper length petticoat or crinoline. (I have short ones I wear with my schoolgirl and maid outfits.) I have looked in several places in my area, but nobody--not even the local dance stores--seem to have them. (Mail order is not an option, unless delivery to a local store is possible.)

More pics on Flickr. I hope to squeeze in one more session this week, after work tomorrow.

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