Monday, November 29, 2010

Leg Show 4 and 5

I'll be finishing up the set of short-skirted outfits today and tomorrow. This morning, I put the cowl-neck sweater and the purple/gray tartan wool skirt (coincidentally, the outfit that won in last week's poll):

The accessories are the pale blue headband, silver jewelry, black belt, dark hose, and black mary-janes.

The second outfit is the pink and gray dress with the extremely short skirt.

Accessories here are black headband, silver jewelry, dark pantyhose, and poppy pink pumps. (Pantyhose are a necessity with a skirt this short, no matter how much I prefer stockings!)

I was really pleased with both sets of photos today, so much so I had difficulty picking just four from each set to post here. You can see the rest on Flickr.

Coming up tomorrow--one last miniskirted outfit. And on Friday, the celebration of Dani's third "birthday"!

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