Monday, November 22, 2010

The Training of Gwen: Journal Entry #4

Like most of us, this time of year is busy for my protege Gwen, so she hasn't had much time to work on assignments or in her journal. But she sent me some entries this weekend:

Monday and Wednesday
November 8 and 10
As the weather gets colder (I know, this isn’t Michigan by the lake) it becomes easier to become Gwen underneath it all. Both days, I have spent the afternoon in white stockings, garter belt with ruffled satin panties. Have also added the black training bra I bought long ago because it cannot be detected under my shirt. Am also wearing white pumps with my sneakers standing by. The pumps are easy to take off and put in my study closet. Haven’t driven while wearing the pumps as yet. Maybe next week. Still no lipstick because I have no easy way to take it off if necessary (in case someone comes to the door, etc). Slowly, it is becoming second nature to dress like this. Very enjoyable.

Monday and Wednesday
November 15 and 17
Have changed color this week. Pink stockings with a pink panty girdle. Pink stiletto pumps. Still wearing the black bra (it is the only one I have that is not detectable). Walked to the garage this way. Almost decided to drive the car but decided against it for now. Have been picking up the mail however dressed this way. Very exciting. Almost second nature at this point.

November 22
Will email Madame Dani today with the latest Journal entries. Have gotten behind due to several circumstances related to my health and the season. Am wearing pink stockings with a full pink body briefer with garters. Pink bra and pink headpiece (without a wig). Pink pumps (low heel) finish off the writing outfit. Dressing and the Journal will be sketchy until the middle of January. But the repetition is having a very beneficial effect.

I want Gwen to be more introspective in these entries. It is not enough to say the assignments are have a "very beneficial effect". I want to hear her describe those effects. Why? Because Gwen's goal is to become a perfect Stepton sissy...and that includes feeling and understanding her own humiliation in her transformation.

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