Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre-Groundhog Day Dressing 1

Decided to pull out my girly slacks for a change. (Sorry to all those who come here to look at my legs! )

We'll start with the black cuffed pants, worn with a black t-shirt with crystal trim and short red jacket. (The jacket always seems to make the boobs pop, doesn't it?)

Additional accessories: red hat, red and white jewelry, black socks, black pumps with metal heel.

Additional pics, as always, on Flickr. I hope to post another outfit later today or sometime tomorrow.

And speaking of Groundhog Day--will somebody please make sure Punxatawney Phil doesn't see his shadow this year? (Though, with all those TV lights on him, I guess that's a vain hope--even it it's raining in central PA on Wednesday!)

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