Monday, August 15, 2011

August Dressing 9

Well, things have changed a bit in the Dani household. My younger son moved into his own place this weekend, so I have quite a bit more time to myself, which ought to mean more Dani time as the weeks progress. I'm going to experiment with eye makeup again (actually started on that today), and maybe try a partially dressed outside adventure.

Anyway, today I put on this dress that I bought way back in my earliest days of returning to dressing and I find, from these shots, that it still is a really attractive look.

Accessories are scarf, silver jewelry, light hose and blue patent pumps with spike heels.

And here's a pretty nice portrait:

As for that makeup experiment: I did some web exploring and found what I thought would be an easy product to use--Cover Girl's Smoky Shadowblast, which looks like it ought to be a two-ended sort of crayon for coloring your lids. And so it is...but it's incredibly fragile--both ends broke when I tried to use them. Maybe my hand is too heavy for it, but I was terribly disappointed. Tomorrow, I'm pulling out my old set of eyeshadows to see if I can make them work.

More pics on Flickr, as usual.

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