Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Training of Gwen: Teen Tease

In this session, Gwen was to dress as a teasing teeny-bopper and pose accordingly. It's also the first set with her new glamorous blonde wig. I also suggested a pair of tan opaque tights would hide her leg hair as long as she cannot shave it.

This is why I want you to get those opaque tights...imagine those gorgeous gams when you can hide the hair!

Very nice...and here's a reason for the bigger boobs I want you to get. They'll make your waist look smaller and improve the overall look of your figure

The gesture with the hair is very girly...nice touch

Next time, try turning a bit more back to the camera and keep the legs tight together for a real legs and ass shot

Not bad...but this is a shot could really benefit from a broad smile

Not bad...but try leaning back a little more, with the feet further from the furniture

Now THIS is sexy

Yes! Natural, femme, sexy, and appropriately youthful

More of Gwen's training soon...

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