Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Training of Gwen: Office Girl

A week or so back, I posted a set of "cartoons" done up from Gwen's session of bondage photos. Here are some pics from her training last month. This time she was to pose as a secretary/office girl. The comments are from the critique I gave her:

Love the big bow...can we see it from the back some time? And I still think you need to fill out the boobs some more.

Lovely outfit, very fitting for the secretary assignment

Not bad...but hold the pad higher in the crook of your arm, right against your bosom...

A more feminine gesture would be to hold the cup higher

Next time, turn toward the camera

A lovely pose...very girly...

Try lowering your knees and folding your feet back so they are sort of under your ass

More from Gwen's training soon.

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