Thursday, November 3, 2011

Turkey Month: Tight Skirt and Turtleneck

The turtleneck was purchased two falls ago at Kohl's; the skirt at a thrift store earlier this year, as I recall. It is very tight, even with the corset, and constrains my stride almost like a hobble skirt. Combined with the spike heels, it turns my walk into a lady-like mince.

Accessories are the red rose headband, black-and-white jewelry, black belt, light hose, and the aforementioned blue patent pumps with spike heels. Props are a book and a handbag.

As I often do when going blonde, I changed the makeup a little, using a more pink shade for my lips; I also digitally changed my eyes to blue and used a dark blue/purple for the digital eyeliner. Once again, I "glammed up" a couple of the portraits.

Here's a video...demonstrating how the skirt affects my movements:

More pics on Flickr.

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