Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Month: Unexpected Dressing

As noted yesterday, I have an unexpected opportunity to dress today and tomorrow. However, I have work to do around the house today (work that is really inappropriate for feminine attire), so I'm only doing one dressing/photo session.

Here's the hounds-tooth suit from Fashion Bug, worn with the lovely red satin blouse from Wal-Mart (of all places!). You'll note the photo venue has changed a little as well--we've put a bed into what will become a guest room.

Accessories are red head band, gold jewelry, dark hose and red patent pumps with spike heels.

Not sure about this awful lot of double chin showing.

More pics on Flickr; two outfits tomorrow

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Linda Marie Daniels said...

Very nice pictures. I really like the way you look in red. And, of course, a girl can never go wrong with red patent leather pumps. Of course, a girl in red patent leather pumps sometimes looks like she's trying to go wrong. In any case, I like this outfit and your pictures quite a bit.