Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Turkey Month: Am I Blue?

No, I'm not--because this blue suit dress is one of my greatest thrift-store finds. It fits like a glove (thanks to my corset) and makes my figure look terrific. Though not exactly a fall ensemble, I pulled it out because I realized I hadn't worn since I first found it during the summer.

Tried a couple of props with this set of pics--a book and a glass. Made for some different poses and expressions than usual. Accessories are the pale blue headband, gold jewelry, light hose and pale blue peep-toe pumps.

Once again, I did a couple of portraits "regular" and a couple "glamour" style. Here are the best of both:

And here's today's video, also in a slightly different style:

More pics on Flickr; three more days of vacation dressing to go

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