Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm Ba--a--a--ack!

Vacation is over and the only thing that was bad about vacation was not being able to dress at all!

So, that being the case, why am I not dressing today? Well, before vacation, I took all of Dani down to the storage locker, because I couldn't deal with the possibility of the wife discovering it while she was home on vacation as well. So, this morning, I went to the locker to pull out the outfits for the rest of July. That also meant doing a repair to one of the garment racks there, because it collapsed when I brought everything back.

There went about an hour...usually the best hour of the day for dressing. Then, when I got everything home, I had to put it all away. I also took the time to relace my corset ~ I'd been a little unhappy with the way it felt just before vacation, so I pulled everything out and redid it. Tried it on afterwards and it's definitely better now.

Then I went shopping. I had to replace a pair of patterned tights that tore badly the last time I wore them and I wanted to find at least one new scarf--hopefully something in the red range. Had good luck on the first part of that and no luck on the second. Oh, Macy's had a beautiful scarf ~ a red-and-white polka-dot square ~ but I couldn't justify spending $30 on it. I'll have to see if it goes on sale soon.

I compensated with a trip to the thrift store, where I found a new skirt and blouse combo. I won't be able to show them off until next week, because I don't have any shoes at home to go with them.

Well, tomorrow we return to the catalogue of my closet. By my reckoning, I have about 45 more outfits to go. At my usual pace of four or five dressing sessions per week, that means another ten weeks to finish, sometime in September, it looks like.

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