Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Booty and the Beast?

Some of you may have noticed a somewhat more curvaceous look to my lower half in today's pics, especially in that blue suitdress.

That's because yesterday I purchased what its manufacturer calls a "Buty Panty"...a padded undergarment to create a fuller look to the derriere. I didn't see much difference under the relatively loose and full skirts of the first two outfits I wore today...but, sister, did it make a difference in that blue dress!

Let me show you:

On the left is an older shot, from when I first bought the dress about a year ago; on the right is a shot from today. I promise you I did no editing to that second view...all that "form" is real (or at least it's not digital).

I'm going to continue using it for the rest of the pics in this catalogue, just to see what kind of clothes it really helps with. I suspect, after that, I'll stick to only using it with stretchy, clingy skirts and pants that show off my rear.

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