Monday, August 13, 2012

In My Closet 65

A very different look from earlier sexy legs this time, just a prim and proper mature lady in her demure white blouse and below-the-knee straight skirt.

Skirt ~
Manufacturer/line/store: Breckinridge II (thrift shop)
Date: July 2011

Blouse ~
Manufacturer/line/store: Notations Woman (thrift shop)
Date: January 2012

Accessories are white bow, gold jewelry, black hose and the boots described below.

Manufacturer/line/store: Merona "Marla" (Target)
Date: September 2008

The portrait for this set:

And, as promised, this month's video:

More pics on Flickr; tomorrow's plans still in flux; and don't forget to vote in the poll (details here)!

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