Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Catalogue Update

Looking over what I've worn so far and what's still "In My Closet," I come up with the following:

There are three pairs of shoes left to feature--the brown boots, gold peep-toe pumps, and kitten heels. There are several outfits the boots would work with, only one the gold pumps really fit, and the kitten heels I will probably photograph as a separate item.

I have left 8 dresses, 23 blouses, 23 skirts, 1 suit, 2 two-piece outfits, and one pair of pants--that makes a minimum of 35 sessions left with at least one top appearing twice.

As you know, I've done 58 "In My Closet" postings so far, so the final total will be 93 (barring any new purchases before I finish). In the "In My Closet" set currently on Flickr, there were 111 shots, but some of those outfits are gone and some of those shots were just of new skirts or tops alone.

The footwear set had 43 pairs originally; again--barring new purchases--the new one will have 41. I've given away some shoes along the way.

So, at my average of four outfits a week, it looks like the catalogue project will continue for about another nine weeks, taking it into the first week of October.

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