Sunday, February 24, 2013

Second Helping 18

"Three Days in Femme Clothes, part 2"

Sorry this took so long to get posted. I realized late yesterday afternoon that last night was my one chance to see some theater friends in a production they had directed or were acting I "under-dressed" (cami and panties under shirt and jeans) and spent the evening there. It also means I only got two full outfits in yesterday.

More red turtleneck...this time an actual feminine one, combined with my femme jeans.

The sweater is by Croft & Barrow, purchased at Kohls in February 2009; the jeans are Fashion Bug Right Fit Yellow, from July 2010; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" red patent pumps, from Payless in November 2009. Other accessories are rosette headband, and gold jewelry.

A question about these jeans ~ are they too much "mom jeans"? I keep wishing they were tighter around my butt and hips. Should I consider getting a pair in a stretch fabric?

I like the makeup this time around a bit more...though I got a compliment on Flickr about the portraits yesterday morning.

More pics on Flickr; lots of dressing today, as well as poll results and maybe some Oscar blogging; and you still have a few hours to vote in that poll ~ please do, voting is very light this week again (details here)!

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