Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Perfect Sissy Boy

{Another re-discovered story: This was a first for me. I'd never done a completely gay story before ~ but, in a survey I'd done, so many respondents asked for a forced homosexuality story that this seemed like the best way to satisfy that idea.]

Derek scanned the bar filled with couples, looking for the few singles who could always be counted on to be there on a Friday night. Yes, he was gay, but he long ago learned there was a special thrill in seducing a straight guy...especially one who could be forced into a submissive role.

And, now, he had a new method.

Derek had spent the past six months studying hypnosis, learning how to induce a trance on the most unsuspecting subject. He'd longed to try it out, to transform a normal, good-looking straight into the kind of feminized sissy boy Derek most desired. Tonight, he'd find out if he could really do it.

After about 30 minutes, he spotted his most likely "victim." The guy was young, no more than 22 probably; handsome in a fine-featured way, slender, and poised. He was drinking wine coolers. Derek sauntered up next to him at the bar and ordered a beer. "Not having any luck, huh?" he asked.

"Wha--oh, no, all the girls seem to be hooked up or waiting for someone," the guy admitted.

"I'm Derek."

"Joel," the other said, extending his hand. Derek took it and shook hands.

"You know, I've been told the way to impress a girl is to look straight at her and convince her with your eyes alone," Derek said.

"Really?" Joel asked.

"That's what an expert told me," Derek replied. "Why don't you practice on me? Look straight into my eyes and convince me of how much you want me." He smiled, acknowledging the little joke. Despite himself, Joel found he couldn't tear his eyes from Derek's. "That's it, very good," Derek went on. "Now, think about all the things you'd want to do with the girl. Think about them, empty your head of everything else." Derek's voice became more and more monotone and more and more lulling. He continued to insist that Joel empty his mind. In a few moments, Joel's eyes closed and his head slumped to his chest.

"Joel--open your eyes. You will act as if you are wide awake, but remain deeply entranced." Joel's eyes fluttered open, but his breathing remained even and deep. "Do you like the way this feels?"

"Yes--this is very nice. I feel a little horny," Joel answered.

Great, thought Derek. If just being hypnotized arouses him, I'm well on the way. "Would you like to continue feeling this way...maybe even feel nicer?" he asked.


"Then follow me out of the bar and we'll go to my place." Derek suggested. He put down enough money to cover both tabs and then led the entranced young man out of the bar.


Joel was naked and kneeling on the floor before Derek, who was lounging on the couch. Derek had taken his new subject through a series of trance-deepening sessions, each time also suggesting an attraction to Derek, a need for homoerotic activity, and a desire to look more feminine.

Now, the big moment had come. Derek shrugged off his pants, revealing his own rampant cock. Joel looked at it like the most wonderful thing he'd ever seen. "Do you like my cock, Joel?" Derek asked.


"Would you like to touch it? Go ahead and touch it." Joel reached forward and began to stroke Derek's cock with his hands. "Touching my cock makes you want it even more, doesn't it? Touching my cock makes you want to be feminine for me, Joel."

"I'd like to be feminine for you, Derek," Joel answered.

"You could be more feminine if you licked and sucked my cock, Joel," Derek continued. "You'll feel even better--more aroused, more feminine--if you suck my cock, Joel."

Joel didn't answer. He merely leaned forward and took Derek's cock in his mouth, licking and sucking. Through his arousal, Derek continued the series of suggestions to Joel. "By sucking my cock, you become irrevocably feminine, Joel. Only the most sissyish of boys suck cock; you're a sissy boy, aren't you? You're my sissy boy. You're Julie, the sissy boy who loves me and keeps himself feminine for me."

Joel increased the fervor with which he sucked Derek's cock. "Soon I'm going to come and fill your sissy boy mouth with my cum," Derek said. "You'll swallow every drop and when you do, you'll come to. And when you swallow and when you come, Joel will be gone. You will wake up and there will be only Julie, the sissy boy who loves me."

Almost instantly, Derek roared with passion as he filled Joel's mouth and throat with cum. He saw Joel's cock erupt as well and Joel pulled his mouth from Derek's cock and cried, "Fill me, Derek! I'm your sissy boy Julie--fill me forever with your cum!"


Over the next several months, Derek and Julie were the talk of the gay scene in the city. Everyone knew that Julie was male, despite how feminine she could sometimes look. Derek loved to dress her in exaggerated lace dresses with parasols, but sometimes he went with a sexy little minidress and a minimum of makeup, so that Julie's male reality shown through his feminine exterior, and often he'd dress Julie in the teenage look of short top and miniskirt, with shoulder-length blonde wig, watching straight guys ache for her...until he pulled off the wig, revealing the short hair beneath and then wet-kissed his sissy boy in front of them.

Derek smiled. He'd done it--he had his sissy boy, a straight he'd turned into his personal vision of the perfect gay submissive.


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