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The Mysterious Mrs. Livanos, Part Two


"The drug worked quickly this time." Mrs. Livanos' voice came as if from a great distance as the darkness closed in.

When he began to regain consciousness, Frank had no sense of time or place. He only vaguely realized where he had been and with whom. His first clear vision was of a lavishly appointed room. It seemed to be a bedroom. On one side there was an ornate dressing table, its surface covered with jars and bottles and tubes. The walls of the room seemed to be made of mirrors, there were so many of them.

As his reflections became clear in the mirrors, Frank was seized with strange terror. He could see he was on a large bed. The only problem was that his hands and feet were very securely tied. He could see the bonds were mere strips of red satin ribbon, yet strangely he could not break them, no matter how hard he tugged. Otherwise his strength seemed undiminished--it was only these curious bonds he could not break.

"Hey! What the hell's going on!" he tried to yell, but his voice came rather weak and tremulous. Before he had time to call out again, the door opened. Frank maneuvered himself to his feet in spite of his bonds, as two women came into the room. They were strangely dressed in thigh-length shiny black boots with delicate high heels and close-fitting costumes of black and white latex.

Part Two:

"Who are you?" Frank asked, "Please untie me."

"Quiet" one woman commanded. "We'll untie you when Mrs. Livanos tells us to do so."

"Where is Mrs. Livanos?" Frank asked, trying to look past the woman.

"She will arrive shortly, but first we have work to do," the taller of the two women replied.

She walked up to Frank and began to expertly unfasten his belt. Frank stared incredulously as his pants slithered down to his ankles. The women then pulled his shirt open and pushed it back off his shoulders. Going behind him, she then ripped it away from his arms.

The shorter woman took a scissors from a small drawer and began to cut Frank's pants away. Meanwhile, the other woman ripped off his shorts.

They pushed Frank back onto the bed, forcing him to lie down. Shocked beyond any capacity for resistance, Frank simply lay there staring as the two women left the room.

Testing his bonds, Frank realized he could not escape. Even were he to slip his bonds, he had no hope of reaching outdoors, wherever that was, with no clothes to wear. He waited for what seemed like hours, wondering what would happen next. This total helplessness was a strange feeling, uncomfortable but oddly secure at the same time.

At last the two women returned. One of them carried a basin and a small can of some sort. The other carried a pair of razors, one safety and the other wickedly straight. Frank's eyes were wide with horror as they approached.

"What are you going to do?" he asked, his voice shaking.

"Just be quiet and lie still, and you won't get hurt!" one of them said.

The can turned out to be nothing more terrifying than shaving cream, and one of the women began to lather Frank's chest and stomach. They then started to shave the hair from his body, taking care not to nick him. He froze in fright, not daring to move as the sharp razors glided over his skin.

He continued to watch, now becoming less fearful and more fascinated and angry as, inch by square inch, his white skin was exposed. To move might be fatal, so he had no choice but to submit. While one of the women held her straight razor threateningly over his genitals, the other held his hands so that she could shave his armpits. Then she retied his hands. Finally, the woman who held the straight razor finished the job by denuding both legs of hair.

When the job was complete, the women rubbed a scented soft white cream air over his exposed body. The soothing effect felt sensational to Frank, in spite of his anger and confusion. When they were finished, one of the women left the room while the other stood guard nearby with the razor in hand. Before he could compose himself enough to speak, Frank heard a sound and Mrs. Livanos entered the room. She wore a dark-colored tailored suit with fur collar and cuffs and black kid gloves. Her hair now fell in soft waves to her shoulders and her jewelry--earrings, bracelets--were heavy gold.

"My dear boy," she said. "How nice and clean you look. Do you feel better? I do hope you don't have a nasty hangover from last night."

Frank looked at her pleadingly. She sensed his discomfort and went on. "Don't worry, we will not harm you. I shall tell you what is happening.... First, you are in my house, It is securely locked and wired with alarms, so do not think that you can possibly escape. Your clothes have been burned, anyway, as have your papers. You are simply to do exactly as you are told. Do you understand?"

Frank could only nod an affirmative.

"Good! Now, behave yourself and do not try to resist, and everything will be all right. I like you, for some unknown reasons, and what I am about to do to you will really be for your own good, believe me. Now do exactly as Magda and Elle tell you to do." She indicated the other women, "Not that you'll have any choice."

She smiled at Frank's confused look. "Surely you've noted that you are unable to break those satin bonds?" He nodded again. "Almost since the moment we met last night, I have kept you in a hypnotic trance, one deepened by the drugged drink you got when you arrived here. The trance included a series of hypnotic suggestions and triggers, such as the one that those flimsy satin ribbons are unbreakable."

Frank looked incredulous. "You don't believe me?" Mrs. Livanos asked. "Very well, I shall demonstrate some of the other triggers. Cock." Instantly, Frank felt and saw his genitals develop a massive hard-on, bigger and more intense than any he could ever recall, even in the throes of passion.

Mrs. Livanos smiled and said, "No cock." Frank's hard-on deflated immediately and he suddenly realized he had no sensation from his genitals at all. His hands flew down to where he knew his cock and balls should be. Though he could clearly see them, he felt nothing at all.

Aghast, he stared at his beautiful, imperious captor as she said, "Tits." A strange tingling filled Frank's nipples as he felt them stiffen and grow, as they might when touched by the cold. At the same time, though he saw no change, he felt a weight grow on his chest. He felt as if he had large, well-formed breasts!

"I take it you believe me, now?" Mrs. Livanos asked. He gulped and nodded. "Normal." The sensations at Frank's chest and groin returned to the ones he was used to.

Magda untied Frank's hands and feet. "Follow me ... this way," she said.

She led Frank to a door set in the mirrored walls. Seeing himself full view was a strange sensation for Frank, for he could hardly recognize his own body. His smooth skin glistened and be had never realized how slim and lithe his body was before now. Pondering his new image, he followed Magda through the door, and Mrs. Livanos and Elle came in behind them.

The room was sort of a dressing room lined with mirrored doors, some of which were partially open. Frank could see various dresses and gowns hanging in closets.

There was a vast array of lavish brocades, velvets, satins, and delicate laces. There were also leathers, latexes, and rubbers. An enormous pile of shoes lay to one side of the room. There were high-heeled boots, shiny patent-leather pumps, and metallic-looking shoes of different styles. Frank discovered his attention drawn to all the clothes but in different ways--he kept picturing himself in the most frilly, fashionable and feminine of the outfits, and wondering how Magda, Elle, and especially Mrs. Livanos would look in the more extreme fetishistic clothes. Was this more of his captor's subtle hypnotic control at work?

Frank was acutely aware of his nudity in the presence of the three women. Trying to cover himself as best he could, he stood there while Magda opened one of the mirrored doors. There was a chest of drawers behind it, and she began rummaging through it.

"Here, put this on," she finally said. "It may help cover your embarrassment."

Frank took the garment gratefully. It was a very delicate pair of pink lace panties with a small floral design worked through the silk. Frank put them on awkwardly, and Magda helped pull them over his buttocks while the others searched in various closets.

The silk panties were very strange against Frank's body, almost sensuous in their touch. They were extremely light and at the same time very cool. He felt an odd thrill as he caught sight of himself in the mirror. He almost looked like a little girl. And his cock twitched at the idea.

Elle came over with a strange-looking contraption. She went behind Frank and put the thing around his stomach and waist. As she began fastening it up the back, Frank realized it was some kind of corset.

"Lace it tightly, Elle," Mrs. Livanos commanded. "I want that waist as curvaceous as possible."

Elle did as she was told, nearly cutting off Frank's breath. She had braced herself with one knee against his back, and he knew that it would be useless to protest.

When she had finished, the three women stood looking at her handiwork. The effect was startling. The tightness of the corset caused Frank's chest to bulge over the top, giving it the appearance of small, newly formed breasts. His waist was smaller by several inches. Elie worked smokey grey nylons up his legs and tautly attached them to the waiting garters.

It took Frank some minutes to adjust his breathing inside the confining garment. As he did so, he again noticed himself in the mirror. Now, he realized with a start he looked like a teen-age girl. The realization of this caused Frank to gape in open-mouthed wonder. He also found that his resentment against these three women was beginning to subside. A strange kind of curiosity was taking its place. His cock twitched again and grew a little in its silken confines.

He surreptitiously moved his hands to his bare nipples and silk-covered crotch. Gently, he stimulated them. "Stop that, instantly!" Mrs. Livanos commanded. "I know all this arouses you, dear. I intend it to--but you will exercise control!" Mrs. Livanos sat in a chair at one side of a large glass-topped table. "Come here, my dear," she directed, pointing to a low footstool in front of her.

Frank did as he was told, wondering what was coming next. Magda began sorting small bottles and jars on the table-top. Finally, she turned and studied his face for a second.

"Magda is an expert cosmetologist," Mrs. Livanos said, a touch of pride in her voice.. "We will see what she can do with that lovely face of yours, my dear,"

Magda began by plucking a few stray hairs from the area around Frank's eyebrows, Frank winced as the little sharp jabs of pain shot through his brow. Again, tears of anger and pain began forming in his eyes. But Magda was soon finished with her task, and the pain quickly subsided.

"Relax, young man, and let Magda do her job," Mrs. Livanos' stern voice commanded.

Frank tensed, feeling an exotic sense of humiliation, then he forced himself to relax. He hoped, vaguely, that it would all be over soon and that these three weird women would let him go. Then a frightening thought occurred to him. When and if they let him go, he would have to go forth out onto the street in women's clothes of some sort. His own clothes were destroyed.

The whole idea was staggering to him. He was absolutely trapped, and he had to do as he was told. He knew that now. A wave of anger seethed inside him, but he could do nothing about the situation.

He was, literally and in fact, a prisoner to these people!

Magda continued to work silently. She rubbed a clear transparent cream all over Frank's face. Next, she used a fine powder and spread it evenly over his clear complexion. It was slightly scented, and a pleasant aroma filled Frank's nostrils. He could not help but glance in the mirror. The effect of the powder was to soften the angularity of his face into a delicate feminine cast. Magda then daubed a slight amount of rouge on each of his cheeks and worked it in so that it blended evenly with the powder.

Mrs. Livanos watched all this in silent admiration. Magda then took a small brush and rubbed it in a dark paste. She applied this to Frank's eyebrows, darkening them and giving them a longer and more curvaceous line.

She looked back and nodded silent approval of her own efforts. Now she took another small brush and worked it gently around Frank's eyelids, giving them a bluish tinge. A third tiny brush lined the area immediately adjacent to his eyelashes, which themselves were lengthened with mascara.

Magda's next move was to apply still another brush to Frank's lips, outlining them first, then filling in the outlines with soft rosy pink lipstick and giving them a full, sensuous look.

Still watching in the mirror, Frank now realized that they had transformed him into a very attractive-looking young girl. He appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties. The overall effect was startling.

"How do you feel now, my dear?" Mrs. Livanos inquired. Her voice was gentler than before.

"I don't know," Frank answered. "I've never gone through anything like this before. It all seems very strange to me. Why are you doing it, anyway?"

"When we talked in that awful place, I felt that you were really quite unhappy. I sensed that this is what you should have done yourself, years ago. So many young men want this but deny it. So ... our little test."

"But you haven't given me any say in the matter!" Frank protested.

"Of course not, dear. You're a male--you haven't the slightest idea what is really best for you. None of you do; that is why you need women like me to find it for you!" Mrs. Livanos replied. "And to make sure you understand exactly how right this is for you, I include the little perks, the sensuous way all this makes you feel." She pointed to his hands, again straying to his crotch. "You can't deny I have made this a pleasurable experience for you."

Frank smiled, despite himself. The effect, with his now-girlish features, was beguiling. "Yes, ma'am," said Frank. "I guess that you think you are helping me."

"I don't think so ... I know so!" she retorted. Then her tone softened a little. "Now that that's settled, let's find you something pretty to wear. Magda, get the new brassiere we had bought in Europe."

The brassiere that Magda was putting on him had the effect of lifting his flesh even more than the corset, it gave him the definite appearance of having firm, well-rounded breasts. The slight padding in the brassiere and its general design created a provocative fullness.

"A petticoat!" Mrs. Livanos ordered.

Elle went directly to the correct drawer and returned with a delicate silk garment in hand. It was trimmed with a fragile lace along the bottom of the hem, and, like the bra and panties, it was in a soft shade of pink.

Mrs. Livanos ordered Frank to stand, and the two girls lowered the slip over his body. They moved carefully so as not to smear his lipstick or other aspects of his makeup job. When they had finished, the two women paused momentarily to admire their progress in transforming Frank into a girl.

Frank stood there dumbly, feeling completely humiliated and defeated.

"Shoes next?" Elle inquired.

The older woman nodded an assent, and Elle went to the pile of shoes in the corner, then returned with a pair of new patent-leather high-heeled pumps.

"Step into these!" she ordered Frank.

Nervously, the boy did as he was told. He stood there awkwardly for a few seconds, trying to retain his balance. The added height felt very strange to him, and he found it very difficult to stop swaying. He felt his legs giving way and grabbed at the edge of the table for support.

It took several moments before Frank felt secure enough to let go.

"Try walking. Go slowly at first," Mrs. Livanos suggested.

Frank took a few tentative steps and continued swaying. "This won't do," Mrs. Livanos decided. She looked him in the eye and said, "Heels." Immediately, Frank found his sense of balance and was able to move more steadily. Walking around the room slowly and cautiously, he discovered he was unable to take more than a mincing step on the narrow heels--and the slight pain they has caused in his calves disappeared.

Mrs. Livanos smiled in approval. "From now on, you will walk in heels without a second thought. In fact, you'll find it difficult and painful to wear flats or to go barefoot!" she said with a pleased tone in her voice.

She started to search about in closets, a pensive look on her face. In a moment or two she let out a cry of triumph.

"I have it!" she said, "The perfect outfit for you to begin with!"

To be continued

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