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The Mysterious Mrs. Livanos, Part Three


Frank took a few tentative steps and continued swaying. "This won't do," Mrs. Livanos decided. She looked him in the eye and said, "Heels." Immediately, Frank found his sense of balance and was able to move more steadily. Walking around the room slowly and cautiously, he discovered he was unable to take more than a mincing step on the narrow heels--and the slight pain they has caused in his calves disappeared.

Mrs. Livanos smiled in approval. "From now on, you will be walk in heels without a second thought. In fact, you'll find it difficult and painful to wear flats or to go barefoot!" she said with a pleased tone in her voice.

She started to search about in closets, a pensive look on her face. In a moment or two she let out a cry of triumph.

"I have it!" she said, "The perfect outfit for you to begin with!"

Part Three:

She came over to Frank carrying a bundle of clothes. Magda and Elle sprang to the woman's aid, taking the garments from her. They then turned to Frank and began to help him to dress, with many an oooh! and aaah! they soon had him clothed.

When they were finished, they indicated the mirrors to Frank, ordering him to see what they had accomplished. He looked and gasped in sheer amazement at the reflection.

He was wearing a gray shirtwaist dress with buttons all down the front. The belted waist drew added attention to his redefined figure. The skirt of the dress was a full A-line that settled softly on the ruffles of his petticoat, revealing his nylon-clad knees and well-turned calves and ankles. The black collar and cuffs were a perfect accent.

The overall effect was fantastic! He was the very picture of a sexy girl, as he picked up the skirt of the dress and swayed it and the rustling petticoats over his thighs. Again his cock twitched and grew.

"Petticoats will always have this effect on you," Mrs. Livanos advised. "You'll find that other kinds of clothes will be equally erotic in their own way."

The boy could hardly believe his eyes as he gazed in the mirror at this lovely vision. He found it nearly impossible to believe that the absolutely beautiful woman staring back at him was actually he himself.

He continued to stare while Magda brushed out his hair. Since it was not very short, she had it styled very quickly, giving Frank the appearance of an extremely chic young lady with bobbed hair.

Now Mrs. Livanos went to the other room for a few seconds. She returned soon carrying a handful of what appeared to be black beads. She draped them expertly in two rows around Frank's neck. Then she stepped back to admire the effect.

"These are real," she said almost reverently. "My husband gave them to me. Black pearls, my dear, are a particular favorite of mine. This strand happens to be worth about two hundred thousand dollars, so wear them proudly!"

Frank still could not speak.

"I think that we must leave you here a while so that you may adjust to your new image. When you feel that you can relax and show some response to our efforts, ring that bell over there," Mrs. Livanos said, indicating a bell pull next to the table.

The three women started to leave the room, but at the door Mrs. Livanos turned to speak again to Frank.

"You really are quite lovely, my dear, and I am sure that if you think about it, you will agree that this is the best way for you to be. I do hope that you come around by dinner time. Relax and contemplate."

With that, she sailed out of the room and locked the door behind her.

Those words returned Frank to a new version of the trancelike state in which he had spent the night. He was transfixed by his image in the mirror before him. He again felt his hands stray to his crotch and his nipples. He was bewildered and confused. He could not completely comprehend what had been happening, The whole idea of becoming a girl seemed so fantastic to him, in spite of the evidence which could be seen in the mirror. He wanted to continue to despise the woman for kidnapping him and for humiliating him so thoroughly, Yet there was something about Mrs. Livanos that attracted him in a strange way. She seemed so sure of herself, so confident that she and she alone was right about what was best for him. He could not look away from the mirror.

Gradually, Frank accepted the fact that the beautiful reflection was really his reflection. He stared at it and thought and thought, as his hands unconsciously brought his body to the peak of arousal. "The best way" echoed and reechoed through his mind. He felt the soft tingly fabrics against his shaved body, and his skin seemed to vibrate with the sensation.

His eyes opened wide as he came in his silken panties and he collapsed to the floor.

He awoke free of the trance, but still compelled to follow Mrs. Livanos' commands. He pulled the bell.

Moments later, Elle came into the room.

"Take me to Mrs. Livanos, please," he said.

Elle led him through the bedroom. They went down the hall to a large room in the front of the house. It was furnished as a library.

"Come in, my dear, come in," said Mrs. Livanos warmly.

"What do you want of me?' Frank asked, trying to keep his voice calm.

"First," Mrs. Livanos said, "let's have cocktails. Drinks, Elle!"

When the potables were served, Elle left the room, and Mrs. Livanos indicated that Frank should sit on a sofa. She and Frank sat together, sipping their cocktails.

"I like you," she said finally. "When I first heard you talk, I had a feeling you would be better off as a girl. How do you feel?"

'Strange," Frank admitted, "but it's kind of a nice strange. I guess that I've really always wanted to try this -- at least deep down in my subconscious mind."

"I thought so. All that my hypnotic skills have done is to release, strengthen and direct those subconscious thoughts. Now, as you may know, I am a very rich woman. I have many social obligations and duties. I can definitely use a secretary. I need somebody with the strength and stamina of a man, but my reputation demands that it be a woman -- or appear to be one, at least, My dear, do you begin to get the picture? You said that you were out of work. Work for me. Live here. Travel with me. And from time to time you can even take vacations as a man or as a woman, whichever you prefer. Here with me, you will always dress as a woman -- a very glamorous woman."

"I think that I like your offer, but do you think that I can get away with such an elaborate masquerade?" Frank inquired.

"Don't worry. Through hypnosis, I can teach you many things about how to behave as a lady, and Magda and Elle can help you a great deal. By the way, Magda is my personal hair stylist and beautician, Elle is my maid. And they are both loyal to the death, so our secret will be quite safe with them."

"What about Tonette and Jo?"

"They are my friends," said Mrs. Livanos, "you'll see them again soon!"

"All right, I'll do it," Frank said.

"Splendid! You'll never regret it."

They finished their drinks and went down to lunch.

After lunch, Mrs. Livanos returned Frank to his hypnotic trance, this time with Frank's full compliance. The rest of the day was filled with lessons for Frank. Thanks to the trance and its ability to create subliminal learning, the women were able to teach him how to move and walk gracefully. Magda gave him pointers on hair styling and grooming. Mrs. Livanos coached him in modulating his voice so that he achieved a nice low seductive tone to his speech.

Gradually, Frank warmed up to his new role in life. It took on the aspect of a game of "Let's pretend" and became a lot of fun. He also found he had little difficulty in adopting feminine mannerisms.

Dinner itself was an exercise in deportment, table manners, and ladylike conversation. More lessons followed dinner and Frank began to feel exhausted. He had been given a bedroom adjoining Mrs. Livanos' dressing room. She told him he was free to wear any of her clothes, and he knew that one reason he'd been picked for this role was that he was the same size as her.

The following days saw more lessons in behavior and he gradually began to learn his actual secretarial duties as well. He handled that part of his role very well and soon proved a valuable asset to Mrs. Livanos. He spent many daytimes wearing a long white velvet robe with huge sleeves which nearly reached the floor. Underneath he wore the corset, bra, stockings and panties, letting his body get used to them and learning how to handle their restrictive qualities.

Frank began to form a warm friendship with Magda and Elle, and his growing fondness for Mrs. Livanos and hers for him created a bond between them.

Mrs. Livanos proved a marvelous employer. She was patient yet firm. She knew what she wanted at all times. She was fair in her criticisms and comments. More than a week went by this way, and Frank was beginning to enjoy his relationship with Mrs. Livanos more and more.

One night he was feeling very secure and quite feminine. They were having their usual pre-dinner cocktail, and Frank was lounging on the sofa, wearing a white and silver blouse cut like a man's short-sleeve shirt but with puffy sleeves and a wide, pointed collar, He also had on a long ankle-length skirt with a large bold plaid pattern in browns, tans, and white, topped with a gold belt. Sipping a martini, he watched as Mrs. Livanos signed some letters.

"Ma'am?" Frank said, his throat dry.

"Yes, my dear?"

"When do you think it might be possible for me to go out in public? I would really like to get outside for a while."

"Shopping, perhaps?" she suggested, using a hypnotic trigger to make that seem the best possible excursion.

"It sounds wonderful. I have another question," Frank said.

Mrs. Livanos put down the letters she was about to sign. "Yes, what is it?"

"When we go out, may I choose the outfit I will wear?"

"Why, of course you can," she replied.

Frank smiled and continued to sip his martini. He realized that tomorrow would be an important day for him. Mrs. Livanos suggested that they cap their trip by meeting Tonette and Jo for cocktails.

The next morning saw a flurry of activity in the huge house, Frank, acting as secretary, phoned Jo and Tonette to set up a five p.m. date for cocktails at a popular East Side lounge. He quickly disposed of his other duties and by late morning he was ready to begin preparing for his first public appearance as a woman.

Frank went alone to the dressing room. Taking off his blue satin lounging robe, he studied his nude body in the mirrors. He turned slowly and examined every side of himself. Noticing a new growth of body hair, he decided to use a depilatory cream before showering. He applied the ointment to his legs, arms, and chest, waited ten minutes, then showered with lukewarm water.

After showering, he applied a creamy body lotion to his skin, savoring its delicate fragrance and silky texture as he rubbed himself gently.

Back in the dressing room, he first put on a tiny G-string type garment which served to hold his genitalia against his body, eliminating the possibility of any telltale bulge later on in public.

Next, he selected a pair of sheer black pantyhose, pulling them over his legs carefully and making sure there were no wrinkles. Then he picked out a bra -- one that was a little more padded than the first one he'd worn. He decided to skip the corset since he felt he could carry himself well enough without it. After he adjusted the bra, he checked the mirror. Even without makeup he was beginning to look female.

Holding his stomach in and standing erect, he pulled on a tight-fitting slip made out of black silk, He noticed how it clung to the contours of his body, and he smiled. At that moment Mrs. Livanos and Elle came into the room.

"I won't disturb you, my dear," she said. "I just want to select my own dress for the day."

The two women went into a huddle to the side of the room, while Frank sat on a tall stool trying to decide which shoes to wear. He finally decided on a pair of Italian imports made of soft leather with three-inch heels. They were black with tiny silver buckles holding the straps across the instep.

Mrs. Livanos smiled a silent approval in his direction as she left the room to change. Frank noticed that she had selected a black linen outfit, He decided then to wear white, as contrast, Looking in the closets, he came across just the dress. It was a below-the-knee-length linen Dior creation. He put it on. It had three-quarter sleeves and buttoned tightly over hsi torso, emphasizing the surve of his bosom. The skirt was pencil-tight and restricted his stride to a mere five inches. He chose a pair of nearly naked black patent sandals with five-inch heels to go with it. After studying himself again to make sure that everything fit together, he summoned Magda on the house phone.

"Beautiful!" was her only comment on arriving at the scene.

"Make me up just right, Magda."

She studied him for a moment and set to work. First she blended in a beige-toned foundation cream, then added a soft burgundy-hued rouge, Then she applied a blusher around the outer corner of Frank's eyes. Then came bluish eye-shadow which she smoothed into his lids, bringing it around under the corner of the lower lashes. Next she brushed on the softest bit of another eye-shadow just under the brow to soften the eye. Last she mascaraed the lashes themselves after lining the upper lids. She finished off with shiny red lip gloss and a dusting of matte powder.

"Perfect!" she exclaimed, admiring her work, "You look absolutely beautiful!"

Frank looked again into the mirror and had to agree with her.

"Are we ready?" Mrs. Livanos inquired, coming back into the room. She stopped and looked at Frank. A smile of real pleasure crossed her face. "That Dior fits you as if it were made for you. It gives you a marvelous feminine allure. Any jewelry?"

"What do you suggest? Frank inquired

"Pearls!" she said with determination, "Elle, bring us the set I got in London."

Elle gave the necklace to Frank and he put them on, enjoying the lustrous texture of the gems. Mrs. Livanos gave him a pair of silver-pearl earrings to put on.

The woman thought for a moment, then told Elle to bring her new Chanel coat, This was a heavy gray tweed with ermine collar and cuffs, and ermine trim along the bottom. Gray kid gloves and a black leather purse topped off his outfit.

On the way downstairs Frank turned to Mrs. Livanos, "What are you planning to call me in public?"

"Your name is Francine," she replied. "That was the last remaining hypnotic trigger, by the way. From now on, it will be impossible for you to respond to any other name."

Francine nodded her agreement, "Thanks, and, by the way, you were right, I feel much better this way. How could you possibly have known I would? I had no idea."

"Oh, I can't really explain it, I guess it was woman's intuition," she said.

To be continued

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