Friday, July 4, 2014

Office in Reverse

This one is not much different from many other stories I've done, save for the elements of clothing role reversal (perhaps played down more than some would like) and the one attempt to have the hypnosis somehow affect the physical body (which I'm pretty certain is unlikely). Still I was pleased with the subtlety of the final scene.

Garrett was surprised to find that the office staff seemed to be completely female...and that all the staff seemed to be dressed in a slightly feminized version of a man's business suit: The shirt was often satin, the jacket slightly more tucked at the waist, the pants flared at the hem, and high-heeled pumps were worn instead of oxfords.

But--even more surprising from a high-tech software/hardware innovator--the women were all beautiful, including the boss, Tamara Sullivan. She greeted him in the reception area and escorted him to the conference room. After a brief but successful interview, she announced, "You're hired, Garrett." She went to a cabinet and brought out an interesting device--it looked like a slightly enlarged personal CD player with some form of headset and visor attached.

"This is our newest product--the one you'll be helping us market. We haven't got a name for it yet, but it's designed to operate as a personal portable interface to the Web, as well as an electronic organizer," she explained. "Right now, the CD in it merely explains the product and a little about our company, Reverse Control Inc. Take it home, use it tonight, and come back tomorrow ready to give me your marketing strategy ideas."


Garrett settled in his easy chair, placed the headset over his ears and eyes, then pushed the button for play. A series of remarkably life-like images appeared in the visor that blocked out all peripheral vision and a quiet soundtrack began to play in his ears.

Somewhere along the way, he must have drifted off, for he awoke with the device still playing and the headset still in place. He pulled it off and glanced at the window. Hey, it's light out! Did I sleep through the night? A quick look at his watch confirmed it--the time was 6:30 AM. He jumped from the chair and began to get ready for work.

He strode into the office precisely at 9, unconsciously admiring how attractive all his co-workers looked in their masculine, yet sexy attire. He'd just settled into his office chair, when the intercom buzzed: "Garrett, it's Tamara. Please come to my office."

Garrett went immediately to his boss's office and took a seat when offered. Tamara sat behind her big dark desk and smiled, "So, Garrett, any thoughts on Reverse Control? How about our dress code?"

Instantly, and without any idea why, Garrett stripped off his clothes. Tamara stood and walked around him slowly. "Very nice, very nice--but you'd look so much better with nice, round boobs." Garrett stared in astonishment, unable to move from his place, as he felt his chest swell and enlarge, his nipples and areolas growing as well, until his flat upper body was replaced by a pair of well-shaped breasts. "Yes, just about 34C," Tamara remarked. "Lovely. Have a seat, Garrett--or should I say, Greta."

Tamara smiled again, amused by the befuddled expression on her new employee's face. "You see, Greta, while the device I gave you last night is indeed our newest product, and will be marketed as a personal organizer/Web interface, it is far more than that. It is a controller, it permits this company to take control of the mind and body of anyone--especially any male--who uses it. You were our first practical test."

She reached into her desk drawer and pulled out another of the devices. Garrett all but lunged to get his hands on it. "Ahh, I see that part of the programming works as well," Tamara nodded. "Yes, every use of the device makes the user want to use the device again...and again and again, reinforcing the subliminal hypnotic controls. Perhaps later, dear--we have work to do."

She got up and opened a closet, where a dozen or more dresses and skirts and blouses were hung. She pulled open a drawer filled with lingerie. "You've no doubt noticed that all the women in this company wear fairly masculine clothing; obviously, in fairness, the men--and you're the only man, so far--must wear feminine attire. That, dear Greta, is our dress code."

With that, the second sound of the trigger phrase, Garrett rose from the chair and began to put on the feminine clothes, ending up in a short-skirted business suit. "Very nice, Greta--but I'm afraid there's still a touch too much masculinity in that face." She pressed a button on the intercom. "Mary, is that appointment at the company salon all

"Yes, Tamara," a voice responded. "The staff is eagerly awaiting Greta right now."

Six weeks later, Greta walked confidently in her four-inch heels into the conference center at the Spring Office Electronics Show. She delighted in how every male eye in the place followed her nylon-encased legs in their thigh-high skirt.

The suit she wore was cut to make the best of her legs and breasts, a hint of cleavage showing in the V of her jacket's lapels. The scarf tied around her neck gave just the right air of jauntiness, enough to offset the business-like effect of her outfit, to say to a man, "OK--I'm here on business, but I can have fun, too."

She took the stage, and clicked on the reading light. "All right, gentlemen, I'm here to tell you about Reverse Control's new RC-101 Controller/Organizer. If you'll all just place the headsets over your eyes and ears, and hit the play button?"


Don't forget to pick the man you'd prefer to see feminized (details here)!

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