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The Image Stories: Two

This story is fiction. Though some of the characters are designed to resemble real people, none of the events are true nor should they be taken as true.

"It's certainly the biggest challenge I've ever faced," Brad Slammer told the actress's agent. Slammer was a private detective who specialized in protecting clients from kidnapping threats. A master of disguise, he performed his duties by masquerading as the kidnap target, then using his superior defensive skills to bring the kidnappers to justice.

But this would be something different: Pamela, the agent's client, was one of the most recognizable actresses in the world, famed for her tangle of blonde tresses and heart-stopping figure. Fortunately, Slammer was on the slight side and had gone into disguise as women before. He also kept a master cosmetician on staff, as well as a plastic surgeon who could come up with the necessary temporary bodily changes (and the wherewithal to remove them). But the real secret of his success was the psychotherapist who helped him perfect his impersonations with her remarkable hypnotic suggestions.

Caroline Carruthers, the agent, handed Slammer a check. "Here's the retainer we agreed upon," she said. "Pamela will go into seclusion at the end of the week, and you'll take over her public appearances for at least the two weeks following. Is that sufficient time?

"Absolutely," Slammer said. "That's time enough for me to perfect my impersonation, and if the kidnappers haven't followed through on their threats in that time, then my experience is that the threats were never real to start with."


On Friday afternoon, Slammer gazed at his much-changed image in the mirror. The hair extensions blended perfectly with his own bleached hair to mimic Pamela's famous mane. His lips had been expertly enlarged with collagen to match her full red pout. Temporary implants in bust and hips filled him out to Pamela's well-known hourglass look.

"Time for the final touch," Dr. Strange told him. Slammer turned on his spike heels to face the beautiful psychotherapist who had made his abilities the envy of his colleagues in the private investigation and celebrity protection business. As usual, he was captivated by her intense green eyes.

"Ready, Doc," he said.

"Program, Brad," she said, the tried-and-true phrase that dropped the detective into the trance state by which Strange made his mimicking of his celebrity clients nearly indetectible. She sat him before the TV screen and started the tape of selected moments in Pamela's life. "Watch her movements, Brad. She how she slinks when she walks, leading with her pelvis. Note how she uses her hands in little-girl-like gestures, making a distinct sexual tension between her womanly body and her childlike manner. Listen to her voice, breathy and whispered, even when angry. Watch, listen and learn the program."

She left Slammer in that state for the rest of the afternoon, bringing him out of the trance around five PM. "OK, Brad, all you need should be programmed in. Now, remember, once I activate the program, you'll be Pamela for all intents and purposes at all times, except for my twice-daily calls for reports and if and when you are actually in danger. At those moments, Brad Slammer will take control of your body again."

"I know the drill, Doc," he said. "I've got to be at Pamela's house at seven to be picked up for her dinner date. Let's get to it."

"Very well," the doctor replied. "Program commence."

And it was, for all the eye could tell, Pamela who left Dr. Strange's office and Pamela who went out to dinner and dancing that evening.


Pamela/Slammer heard the French door to her patio open. No one should have been coming in that way. Were the kidnappers finally making good on their threat? It had been ten days since the detective had taken over Pamela's life. In that time, she had been on photo shoots, personal appearances and numerous dates as the glamorous actress. But there was something odd, something different about this impersonation. Slammer was discovering that the more he appeared as Pamela, the more he wanted to. And he was particularly enthralled by showing himself off at Pamela's sexiest--the skimpiest outfits, the most outrageous posing and posturing. Many nights he/she came home with an enormous hard-on, one that could only be relieved by jerking off while posing before the mirror.

She opened the bedroom door a crack and peeked into the living room. Two dark-clad figures were creeping in through the patio entrance, both female. Pamela/Slammer closed the bedroom door and leaned against it, breathing heavily with nerves.

What's wrong here? Slammer thought, his psyche buried deep under the outer facade of the sexy actress. I should be charging out there, ready to take those two into custody. Why am I cringing in here, as though I really were Pamela?

She felt the door being pushed open and the two masked intruders burst into the room, throwing the ersatz Pamela onto the bed...and still Slammer's real persona was not reacting to the danger. Her hand went to her mouth as she watched the two kidnappers strip off their masks--it was Caroline Carruthers and Dr. Strange!

"Now do you understand why you haven't tried to fight us, darling?" the doctor asked, sneering. "Because your subconscious recognized us as two individuals who mean you no least no physical harm." She looked at the disguised detective with those compelling emerald eyes, and said, "Program shutdown." Pamela/Slammer lost consciousness.


The combined psyche of the actress and detective had no idea how much time had passed before she was next aware of her surroundings. But she came to sitting quietly in a chair in a room she didn't recognize. Carruthers and Strange sat across from her.

"I see all my triggers--especially the ones you didn't know about--are still working," Strange explained. "You see, Caroline came to me about two weeks before she visited your office, love. Pamela had decided to cut her off as agent."

"Naturally, I was furious," Carruthers continued. "The talentless bimbo had been giving me only the standard ten percent, while I all but kept her together. When I read about your past cases, and the good doctor's part in them, I hit upon a plan. Now, Dr. Strange and I will keep all of your income--as Pamela--while we give you a stipend for appearances."

"Wh-where's the real Pamela?" Slammer choked out, in the actress's breathy voice.

"Quite safe, but unrecognizable," Strange answered, smiling. "You see, I got your plastic surgeon in on the deal as well. He gave her a breast reduction and some facial adjustments, while I 'sculpted' her psyche. She's teaching home economics, I believe."

"With the changes the doctor made in you," Carruthers added, "you're far sexier than she ever was, anyway. You see, thanks to your programming, you want to be sexy. You revel in it. Pamela was just going through the motions."


A month later, the "new" Pamela was posing for another magazine layout--showing off her legs in the shortest of shorts, letting her attractive breasts peep out of an open jacket. And all the while, Slammer felt his cock grow and pulse beneath the sexy clothes. He remembered Dr. Strange's last words before he left the house that morning:

"You can come when you arrive home," she'd said, "provided you give me an adequate orgasm. And remember, no orgasms for you except according to program."


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