Friday, July 18, 2014

The Image Stories: One

This story is fiction. Though some of the characters are designed to resemble real people, none of the events are true nor should they be taken as true.

"It's more than I can handle," the stunning actress told her publicist.

"What's that?" Rachel asked. "What can't you handle, Teri?"

The star, who had become a "queen of the Internet" since taking the role of a superhero's love interest, sank onto the couch in her dressing room. "This new guy my fan club elected as president," she answered. "I've found out he's one of the geeks who plasters my face and body all over his website. Jack Stewart even goes so far as to use a morphing software to make videos that transform his own picture into mine!"

"Really?" Rachel mused. "You know, Teri, could be this guy has something more than a big-time crush on you. Could be he'd really like to be you!"

"Oh great!" Teri exclaimed. "I get to be the actress with a male fan-club president who wants to win the Teri Lookalike Contest!" She rubbed her eyes. "What am I going to do, Rachel?"

Rachel smiled. "I've got an idea--remember that course in hypnosis you took last year....."


Jack couldn't believe his luck--only two weeks as president of the fan club and already his beloved Teri had invited him for an interview. It had taken the previous president six months to get his first visit with her.

He drove up to the gate and buzzed. Once he said his name, the gate opened electronically and he drove to the entrance of the house. A tall blonde was in the doorway; he recognized her as Rachel, Teri's publicist.

"Teri is waiting for you in the salon," she said, escorting him in.

As they approached the salon, Teri appeared in the doorway, clad in a form-fitting black gown that revealed her spectacular cleavage. She posed, one hand on her hip, the other tousling her raven hair. "Hello, Jack. Good of you to come," she purred.

The staff served lunch as Jack asked the usual fan club questions. He sipped the wine, and within a few minutes, began to feel somewhat groggy. Teri opened her eyes wide and said, softly, "Feeling sleepy, dear?" He nodded, woozily. "Well, that's OK," she continued, "just lean back and listen to my voice...."

Teri continued that way for several minutes, until she was certain he was completely hypnotized by the combination of the sedative in the wine and her own voice. "All right, Rachel," she announced, "let's get him dressed."


Twenty minutes later, Jack was dressed in an outfit identical to Teri's. His boobs had been pushed up by the corset they laced him into under the black gown, and his legs were sleek in the sheer nylons and four-inch heels of his pumps. The wig he wore was one of the ones Teri sometimes used on bad hair days, and Teri had gotten one of her friends from the studio makeup department to do her best to make him the spitting image of his favorite star.

Now, the two near-twins sat on either side of a vanity. Between them was an empty frame where a mitror would normally be. Teri spoke to her fan club president wannabe: "Jack, you're sitting in front of a mirror; the image you see is as you really want to be. Whenever you hear me say, Jack is Teri, that is the image of yourself you will see and want to have. When I say Jack is back, you will return to your normal image and personality. If I say Teri's had too much wine, you will return to this trance state." She paused. "When I reach 'one,' you will awaken and know the happiness I have given you.


Jack/Teri's eyes flew wide open as she saw what she thought was her own image in the mirror. Her hands flew to her face and she giggled. "Oh my!" she said, in a close approximation of the real Teri's voice, "I'm beautiful! Thank you so much for giving me this!"

For the rest of the afternoon, Rachel and Teri watched in awe and amusement as Jack/Teri mimicked all of Teri's movements and gestures. Finally, Rachel realized something. "Teri, I don't know about you, but watching this little boy-girl strut his stuff at our command has me horny as all hell," she said.

"Me too," Teri agreed. She looked right at her self-created twin and said, "Teri's had too much wine." Jack/Teri stopped what she was doing and her head slumped to her shoulders. "I have some instructions for you," Teri explained.......


By twilight, Teri and Rachel decided they had had sufficient fun with their creation for the day. It was time for the humiliation. They escorted Jack/Teri to the door and said their goodbyes, and Teri ended with "Jack is back".

Instantly, a new light shone in Jack's eyes, as he realized who and where he was and what he'd been doing. "Time to go home," Teri repeated.

"I can't go home like this," Jack protested.

"You can and you will," Teri insisted. "What's more--you really want to." And Jack knew that he did.


One month later, Rachel entered Teri's office with a frown on her face. "We have a problem."

"What now?" Teri asked.

"You've been invited to attend the premiere of the new sex-scandal movie, Breast of Everything. You can't refuse--the director is the guy in charge of your new project," Rachel explained.

"Yeah--and with all the nonsense from my appearance on Seinfeld, the paparazzi will be all over me," Teri agreed. "We need a distraction."

Suddenly, Rachel lightened up. "What about--Jack?"

One hour later, the two were at Jack's home. Getting no answer from the bell or knocking, they began to explore the yards. "Oh lord," Rachel said, as she gazed into one of the patio windows.

"What is it?" asked Teri, as she tried to see as well. "Heavens!"

There, on the floor of the patio sat Jack, his short hair very visible, but otherwise looking like the twin of Teri the two women had created just weeks before. He had a serene look on his face as he comtemplated in his own image in the mirror.

"He's really gotten into this, hasn't he?" Rachel asked.

"Apparently, all he needed was the right push," Teri agreed. She knocked on the patio door and Jack rose to greet them.

They explained the problem. "I don't know, Teri," Jack objected. "I mean I love that you've given me all this," he said, indicating his quasi-feminine appearance, "but to appear in public as you? That first trip home was humiliating enough."

Teri lay down on the floor before him--her luscious breasts visible, her long legs in sheer stockings and high-heeled sandals. Jack was still enthralled by her. "Teri's had too much wine," she said...and he returned to the hypnotic trance.


They spent the next two weeks before the premiere hypnotically coaching Jack in everything he would need to know to impersonate Teri and keep the paparazzi off the track.

The evening of the affair, Teri decided it was only fair to let Jack know everything they had done. "Jack is back," she announced and the memories rushed into his psyche.

"I can't quite figure out why I'm so excited by this," Jack said, once he was completely in his own mind. "My cock is hard as it's ever been."

"You still don't realize it, do you?" Teri answered. "You've always wanted to be me--I just let you have what you wanted. I thought I was punishing you for making me a sex object...but you love it and I've found I love having control of you this way." She grinned. "Time to get ready: Jack is Teri."

The male-female twins dressed in identical outfits for the evening--crocheted lace evening gowns over nude bodystockings and strappy sandals.

At the theater, they arrived in separate cars, Jack/Teri first, at the front; the real Teri later at the rear entrance. While Jack/Teri was mobbed, begging off the questions of the press, Teri entered and took her seat quietly. Rachel joined her with the false star a short time later.

As the movie ended, Teri leaned over to Teri/Jack and whispered. He smiled in response. As the lights came up, they walked side-by-side out of the theater, as the paparazzi watched in confusion. They posed back-to-back.

"You thought you had all those pictures of me that you could use with some made-up quotes," Teri scolded them, "but the joke's on you!" She pulled off Jack/Teri's wig and announced, "Jack is back!"

His male psyche restored, Jack roared in his deep voice, "Anything you want to ask me now?"


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