Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Maid's Tale

I had an unexpected opportunity to dress on Wednesday, giving me the chance to try on my new maid's uniform. (The old one went out in the spring purge.) It's somewhat different from my old one ~ perhaps a bit more demure with less decolletage, but it also fits better.

I also took the opportunity to do something else I'd been planning. I've been thinking my boobs were maybe a touch too large...making it hard to get blouses that fit properly. So I remade my falsies to be a little smaller. FTR, I use the plastic beads craft stores use for filling plush toys to fill a pair of cut-down knee high hose. The beads have the same heft and weight as bird seed but are less like to poke holes in the nylon. My news boobs are each about a quarter cup of beads smaller than before.

Anyway, here's the new maid Dani:

I bought the dress at Party City (now that Halloween is on the way, they have a big selection); as I paid for it, the clerk said, "Going to be a French maid?" Now, I could have been honest and said, "Yes"...but I chickened out and said, "Well, someone is going to be...." Accessories here are a white bow, silver jewelry, petticoats, fishnet hose, and black patent pumps from Payless.

Here's a pretty nice portrait, too:

More pics on Flickr; with luck I'll have a two-day dressing session at the end of the month; and don't forget to pick the man you'd love to see feminized (details here)!

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