Monday, September 8, 2014

Ace to Queen

Sam knew he needed help with his pitching. The Cornwell high school baseball team depended on him as their solid starter, good for 15 wins every season. But this year, he seemed to be in a slump, unable to concentrate. The tall lanky blonde hadn't won a game all season, and had been unable to pitch more than four innings in any game before the manager pulled him out of the game.

Sam's girlfriend Carol had read about a therapist who was using hypnosis to aid slumping sports stars, and she urged him to make an appointment with Dr. Roberts. He had pushed it aside, but finally mentioned the idea to his manager, who said, "What the hell, Sam. Give it a try--it sure couldn't hurt, could it?"

So now Sam sat in Dr. Roberts' waiting room. He was surprised by the nature of her other patients--he didn't see a single other guy in the place. He recognized the college's top women's basketball forward and the local woman tennis pro, but there were no male athletes and no men of any other kind, either. The whole situation only added to his nervousness.

"Sam?" The doctor's receptionist, a pert brunette in a tight miniskirt, motioned him to the door. "Dr. Roberts is ready for you."

Sam entered the therapist's sanctum sanctorum: It was a richly appointed room, with dark walls, the depth of the darkness accented by drawn curtains and the black furniture. The one spot of light seemed to be a small lamp on the doctor's desk. There was a high-backed swivel chair behind the desk, turned to the windows, so that Sam could not see its occupant.

Suddenly, the chair turned and Sam was stunned by his first sight of the therapist. "Hello, Sam, I'm Dr. Roberts." She was a glamorous auburn-haired beauty, her hair falling to her shoulders in gentle waves. She wore a conservative power suit, though it was carefully tailored to her lush body. He'd had no idea that his therapist would be female.

"Please have a seat," she said, indicating a black leather recliner. Sam sat and the chair immediately adjusted to a half-reclining position, his head on a level with the lamp on the desk. "That's very good, Sam," Dr. Roberts continued. "Just relax and look at the light. The light is very relaxing, isn't it. All you can see is the light...all you can hear is my voice."

Sam realized she was hypnotizing him, but it didn't really concern him--after all, that's what he had come here for. In a very short time, he was completely unaware of anything happening around him.


Cleo Roberts smiled to herself. Yes, Sam would be yet another great subject. She must remember to thank Carol for recommending him. She stood and stripped out of her suit, revealing her severely restricted waist in its PVC corset.

"Open your eyes, Sam," she said, quietly. "You are still deeply hypnotized, but you can see what I tell you to see. What do you see, Sam?"

"I see you, Dr. Roberts," he replied, numbly.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Yes, Doctor, you're very beautiful," Sam answered.

"Would you like to be this beautiful?" the hypnotist asked the entranced youth.

"How could I be?" Sam was confused, even in his mesmerized state. "I'm not a girl."

"Leave that to me," Dr. Roberts replied, smiling.


Later that afternoon, Carol entered Dr. Roberts' office. The receptionist grinned and waved her into the inner room.

Carol stood for a moment, momentarily unsure that she had arrived at the appointed time. Dr. Roberts sat behind her desk, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, while a tall, attractive blonde girl, clad in a very short mini-dress posed on the couch. The girl seemed completely unaware of Carol's presence, even though the door was in her line of sight.

Then the reality dawned on Carol. "Oh my god," she gasped. "Sam!"

"Please, Carol," Dr. Roberts corrected her. "It's Samantha, now." She stood and walked over to the transformed athlete. "Right now, she can see only what I tell her to see and hear only my voice, and only when it's directed to her.

"I've convinced Samantha that she's a high school co-ed, a beautiful lesbian in love with you, my dear," the doctor continued. "I was about to bring the Sam personality back to consciousness, and make him aware of the changes we have forced upon him. I'll also give you a trigger phrase that will allow you to switch Sam and Samantha whenever you wish."

"Wonderful, Dr. Roberts!" Carol exclaimed.

"One warning, however," the hypnotist advised. "Samantha is very demonstrative: She's sexy, alluring, and devoted to you...practically your love slave. Be careful how you use that power."

"Oh, I promise, Doctor," the girl grinned.


Sam sat at the vanity in Carol's bedroom, where she had just finished doing his hair in a lovely updo and touching up his makeup. She had used the trance state Dr. Roberts had shown her to make the little "male lesbian" pliable and accepting of the change, but she had left Sam the athlete in charge of her lover's mind.

"Stand up," she ordered. She picked up the ruffled white gown from the bed and dropped it over the lingerie-clad lad's body.

"Why are you doing this, Carol?" Sam asked. He couldn't disobey her, but he could ask questions.

"Because I love you like this, Samantha," she responded, "and have, ever since I saw you play a girl in your junior high school show all those years ago."

She adjusted a few stray hairs in her lover's 'do, then looked him straight in the eyes. "Dance for me, Samantha," she commanded.

And the boy's eyes brightened. He kicked up his heels, sending the hem of the prom gown in a swirl of ruffles. "Wow, Carol, let's go to the prom!" Samantha exclaimed.


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