Friday, February 20, 2015

Coming Up at enTRANSed

Tomorrow (Saturday) by mid-day, I will begin my annual three days en femme, while the wife is away on business. I began preparing for this in late January and have bought a lot of new clothes to show off in this period: three new dresses, two new skirts, a new top, two new pairs of shoes, and a new evening gown.

Even when not fully en femme, I will have on at least one feminine item, so I am always aware of my feminine side. Weather permitting (you all know what the last four or five weeks have been like in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, right?), I will go on a "shopping adventure" in partial femme attire one of the days--it's looking like Sunday, right now--so there might be another few new items to show off.

That means a week or more of new photos to post here.

After that, I'll have some more artwork...and, having now really gotten all the stories from my old site posted here, I'm seriously considering some new writing. It'll probably be really short stuff to start with (a couple thousand words at most), but we'll see how it goes.

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