Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Three Days of the CDer--Part Seven

The three days en femme are now over in real time. They ended this morning when I took off my nightgown and dressed in all male attire for the first time since noon on Saturday. I might have been able to stretch it until noon today...but there's a lot to get done before the wife returns this evening.

I look at this outfit and I'm very pleased with it. Think of it as casual Friday for the office.


Manufacturer/store: Basic Editions (Kmart)
Date: February 2015

Denim skirt:

Manufacturer/store: Jaclyn Smith (Kmart)
Date: February 2015

The shoes are Lela Rose "Galilea" navy/brown peep-toes, from Payless in May 2011. Other accessories are a striped bow, gold jewelry, white belt, and natural hose.

The portraits this weekend have all been good. haven't they?

More pics on Flickr; one last outfit to go; and please participate in the survey to the right.

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