Saturday, February 28, 2015

Results: Who Are You? Questions 1 and 2

Here are the results of the first two questions in the survey:

As you can see, three-fifths of the respondents are over 50, while just a smidge over 10 percent are under 30. I have some ideas on the reasons for that. First of all, I am over 50, so the stuff I talk, write and draw about appeals mostly to that age group. Second, culturally, the crossdresser under 30 has more opportunity to express himself freely today than we did 20 or 30 years less need for an outlet like this one.

Interestingly, only about three-fifths as many respondents answered this question as the one about age. Fear of giving away too much information? The two largest groups were professionals and retired, making up--again--about three-fifths of the respondents.

The next two questions are at the right and you have until the end of March to answer.

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