Thursday, August 27, 2015

Crime and Punishment--Part Five

When her shift ended, Sally headed right to Madame F's loft. Once again greeted by Fifi the maid, she was immediately escorted to Madame's office.

"Bon jour, ma petite protege!" the hypno-mistress cried on seeing Sally. "You have come to see what has been done with the little gift you had Michelle deliver earlier today, n'est-ce pas?"

"Yes, Madame...I hope my preliminary instructions to him were not a problem?"

"Not at all, Detective, not at all." She rose from her desk and led Sally to the playroom. "I decided such a cochon did not deserve full feminization, the glory of looking like a pretty girl. Instead, he is now a half-feminized androgynous thing. Observe..."

Entering the room, she saw Michelle...fussing with the clothes and hair of a tall figure. Her view of the other person was blocked by Michelle, however. "Step out of the way, Michelle," Madame ordered. "Let Sally see what has become of our serial rapist."

Sally gasped and then giggled when she saw the "new" Robert Ellis. His hair was still short, though decidedly not "butch" in appearance. He was flat-chested under a crop-top, and his long legs were in dark hose under a micro-skirt held together with giant pins. "He's delightful, Madame...but what are your plans for him?"

"Our newly created Bobbie Alice will be the plaything for my more violent gay customers," Madame F explained, "the ones who desire to impose their will on a sissified submissive. Essentially, he will be raped several times a day...and find that he craves it!"

"A satisfying punishment...and I have made certain that Robert Ellis has left information that he is gone from our city for good," Sally explained. "I only wish his victims could see him now."

"That can be arranged, of course," Madame F noted, "with the suitable security." She took Sally's arm. "Now, let us discuss your future...."


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