Friday, June 24, 2016

June Dressing 4--Ready to Jump... my new jumpsuit.

It's by Spense Woman, bought at Ross earlier this week. The shoes are Dollhouse "Margaretta" black pumps with metal heels, from Shoe Dept. in January 2010. Other accessories are a silver bow, scarf, and silver jewelry. I was hoping for a look with less flared pants, but all the ones I saw like that didn't come in my size. I think I can make this one look a bit better by rolling up the sleeves a bit and adding a wide, tight belt.

You'll note I am posing in a different location. It's very hot and humid, so I'm working in the part of the house that's air-conditioned. I should have covered that fanlight in the door...and I did for the next set of pics.

Meanwhile, some portraits:

Another outfit tomorrow; you have until June 30 to respond to the survey at the right (details here)!

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