Friday, February 10, 2017

Is Mind-Control Really Possible?

In our continuing exploration of the kinks discussed on this blog, here's a little essay from a professional erotic hypnotist:

The first and generally most popular in kink: SVENGALI BRAINWASHING AND TOTAL MIND CONTROL!

This is the créme de la créme of power play. It is a role play situation in which one party (the Dominant) asserts total control over their helpless puppet (the submissive) and controls their every thought, movement, dream, and wet-dream. (Loooook into my eyes… and so on.) This is a cathartic, dramatic, erotic form of role play that exercises the imagination and the libido.

You cannot force anyone to comply with your commands, without their consent or knowledge. It is impossible.

This is where it gets complicated.

If the submissive party IS consenting to the role play, and DOES like the idea of, say, giving you all their money or wearing a chastity device, then we get into this territory where you CAN breach the make-believe part of the role play. It becomes possible to cross over into this world where the Dominant can suggest some very unique things that worm their way into their sub’s thoughts. It is less “Pretend you’re a chicken,” and more “Your deepest, most gratifying sexual release only comes after you do (insert activity) for me. Without this, you will find yourself unable to orgasm.”

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