Saturday, February 25, 2017

What is Feminization Hypnosis?

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Feminization hypnosis is the process of inducing hypnotic states in men which allow them to assume a female identification. It is a controversial type of hypnosis, occasionally classified as a type of voluntary brainwashing. In a session, the normal male personality and perceptions of a male body are set aside as a female personality, and an imagined female body and sensations are created in the mind of the client. This may be accomplished by traditional hypnosis suggestions, metaphorical stories, or intense visualization while under hypnosis. Some providers employ significant "brainwashing" techniques, including disorientation through extreme volume, confusing voices and imagery, and belittling of the male personality and body while asserting female characteristics. The sessions may or may not include an experience of sex as a woman.

Feminization hypnosis is primarily used in three ways: by transgendered, transvestite (cross-dresser) and transsexual men; in the context of a dominant/submissive relationship (FemDom); and as sexual experimentation.

In the context of a dominant-submissive relationship, forced feminization is a relatively common form of sexual play. The dominant may be male, but the vast majority are female (FemDom). This is generally termed forced feminization as the submissive is "forced" by the dominant to assume a feminine role, including the wearing of women's clothing and makeup, but may not be transgendered in his normal life. Hypnosis can enhance role-playing in these situations, and brainwashing techniques may be used by the dominant.

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