Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Poll Results--Dani's Best Look, Week 9

Here's the winner for this round:

And here are the choices for new round:

The blue blouse with silver stripes is from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line, but found in a thrift shop in July 2015; the black pencil skirt is from Fashion Bug in February 2011; the shoes are Fioni "In the Mix" navy felt peep-toe pumps, from Payless in February 2011. Other accessories are a silver bow, silver jewelry, and black hose.

The red belted dress is by Lennie for Nina Leonard, bought at K&G in September 2013; the shoes are Fioni "Hilt" red patent pumps from Payless in November 2009. Other accessories are a red bow, gold jewelry, and red tights.

The yellow-and-white suit is by Emily, bought at Ross in July 2015; the shoes are Karen Ornament white peep-toe pumps from Payless in March 2015. Other accessories are a white hat, blue jewelry, and white gloves.

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