Friday, January 19, 2018

More on Forced Feminization

[This is likely the last of these weekly postings for a while, unless I run across other suitable material.]

A look at forced femme...from the perspective of the still-learning domme:

Forced feminization, or sissification as it is sometimes called, is the act of switching a submissive male’s gender to female. This can be done with feminine behaviors, clothing, or anything feminine at all. When I say feminine, I mean a very stereotypical feminine role. It is not meant to be degrading females. What it really is, is a form of D/s. Historically, women were a very marginalized group, and they were submissive to men. Forced feminization adopts this stereotype, using it to enforce a D/s role. It would be very accurate to call forced feminization roleplaying; it is a way for a male to take on a submissive role, and for the female (typically the dominant in this type of roleplaying) to take on the dominant role.

One very common practice is cross-dressing a male, and this can range in the intensity. Sometimes the male just wears female underwear. In pornography, a scene will often start this way; a female will find a male wearing feminine underwear, and then she will force him to adorn more female items. This is just a possible suggestion when you are playing, of course. Then, beyond that, there are actual female clothing articles that can be worn. As I mentioned earlier, forced feminization plays off of stereotypes, so common items here would be maid outfits, schoolgirl outfits, very frilly and pink outfits, corsets, anything Victorian, things you associate with royalty, a princess dress, or a secretary outfit. Some people will then put on makeup, nail polish, wax, and any other cosmetics that a “typical” female might wear. Some people will even buy a wig for this type of play, as it helps them to get a hair style that is similar to that of a female.

Finally, the male can take on feminine tasks. So, he can cook, clean, wash dishes, etc. He can do any "female job" that will reinforce his role. When he fails to carry out these jobs, corporal punishment can be used. So, he can be bent over your knee and spanked, or he can be caned; anything really can work. It becomes especially authentic if it is anything a male would have used to discipline his wife 100 years ago, though.

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