Thursday, March 22, 2012

Becoming Young Ladies

Many years ago ~ I have no idea how long, but probably about 20 years ~ I came across a fascinating story on line. It's called "Becoming Young Ladies" by Deirdre Rosamond O'Connor. It hits many of my favorite buttons...and after three chapters, it ends with a clear feeling that there is supposed to be more to come.

Over the years, I have occasionally searched for more of the story, or more work by Ms. O'Connor, and found nothing. Now, with my writing juices again flowing, I've decided to try and continue the tale on my own. I will try to capture the flavor of O'Connor's prose and themes as much as possible.

As a start, I have scanned and uploaded my printed pages (I no longer have a digital version) of the story here. Read them, give me some thoughts on where you think the story should go. My first intention is to work on the story of Susan's dad.

Look for the first chapter over the weekend or early next week.

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