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Creative Consultant

[Many months ago, I started a story called "Creative Consultant," but after three sections, I ran into a massive block and couldn't finish it. Recently, I pulled it out and re-read it, and I think I now have a conclusion. I did a minor rewrite of what was done so far, and am posting it again, all in one piece. The conclusion will come in the next few days.]


Vera Demanden sat at the end of the conference table and looked over the five men who sat around it, as the screen behind her faded to black. Her presentation had been a total success.

These five men, each the head of a successful business, sat entranced by the subliminal messages that had infiltrated their minds as they gazed at the screen. Each had, unknowingly, revealed a secret that would permit Vera to transform them into her sexual slaves and eventually gain control of their companies.

She smiled--the cat about to eat the canary--as she envisioned how each would be changed into the very object of his own desire, and made to submit to her every whim. She spoke in her sexy and sultry voice. "Gentlemen, I will count to three and you will awaken, feeling refreshed and happy. You will remember nothing of what has gone on here, save that you were impressed by my presentation and eager to hire me as a consultant for your company. But whenever you hear me say let's go into conference, you will return to this trance state, ten times deeper than now, ready to believe all I tell you and to follow all my requests. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden," they all murmured.

"!" Instantly, all the men awoke and smiled at their new mistress. "Well, gentlemen, I hope I haven't bored you all," she said.

"Oh, no, Ms. Demanden...." "Not at all...." "I'll have the papers for your consulting contract on your desk within the hour...." "I look forward to seeing you soon...."

"Excellent, gentlemen," she said, smiling again. She began packing her things. "Mr. Abernathy? Can I stop by your office tomorrow morning to begin looking over the company?"

"Certainly, Ms. Demanden," Abernathy replied. "I'll see you at, say, ten?"

"That will be fine." And she strode from the room, every man watching her go, his eyes firmly glued to her stunning figure and long sleek legs.

CHAPTER ONE: Abernathy's Boob Obsession

At precisely ten the next morning, Vera knocked on the door to Abernathy's office. She was dressed in precisely the way would most appeal to him--in a tight-fitting, shiny, military-style jacket, with a plunging neckline and no blouse beneath, revealing the deep cleavage of her 38-D breasts.

As he opened the door, she posed provocatively...and watched his cock bulge in his pants. "Good morning, Mr. Abernathy," she purred.

"Oh, ah, good morning, Ms. Demanden, and please call me Bill," he stammered.

"Very well, Bill," she answered, pointedly not returning the request to use her first name. Without waiting for an invitation, she promptly sat down in the guest chair. "Now, Bill, let's go into conference, shall we?"

Instantly, Abernathy slumped, his entire body relaxing as he entered trance. "Excellent, my little slave." She moved into the seat at the desk and said, "Now take a seat." He sat, still staring unseeing at anything except her. "Tell me, Bill, when you look at me, what do you find most appealing?"

"Your...breasts, Ms. Demanden," he replied. "They are beautiful..."

"Yes, I know, you told me so yesterday," she acknowledged. "You think all women's breasts are beautiful, don't you? Especially large, round ones like mine?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden."

"In fact, you think big breasts are so beautiful, you'd love to have a pair of your own, wouldn't you?"

", Ms. Demanden," he began to reply....

"Yes, you do, fact, the more you envision yourself with a big pair of tits, the more excited you get, right?"

Abernathy's cock twitched in his pants...and in his mind, he saw his face atop a torso with a huge pair of boobs. "Uhh, I guess so, Ms. Demanden...."

"Of course, you do, Bill. So when I tell you that it is the most important thing you need to do to make your business successful, you will happily agree to my giving you an enormous set of jugs, won't you?"

",,,,yes, Ms. Demanden..."

"I knew you would. Now, awake and happy on three: One....two....three!"

And Abernathy found himself sitting opposite this gorgeous woman who was seated at his own desk--and yet it seemed right! "Ms. Demanden, have you determined what I need to do to improve my business?"

"I have, indeed, Bill. We need to make you over into a big-titted sex machine...that will turn your business into a real money-maker."

"Oh, yes, Ms. Demanden, I see that now. When can we start?" he asked.

"Immediately--I have made an appointment for you with a special friend of mine." She stood and took him by the hand. "Come with me...."

CHAPTER TWO: Baker Takes a Drag

Charley Baker received an e-mail from Vera Demanden requesting a meeting at her home and, without knowing quite why, immediately drove over there. He knocked on the door and it was opened by a confusingly androgynous servant...dressed all in satin, with a hint of makeup and in heels, but with a clearly male figure.

The servant guided him into a drawing room. And Charley gasped when he saw his hostess, laying on a chaise, in a black chemise, her long nylon-clad and high-heeled legs lovingly displayed. But the real, intense, turn-on for Charley was that she was sensuously smoking a long, feminine cigarette, letting the smoke rise from her red lips.

"Hello, Charley...I may call you that?" she purred.

"Oh, uh, yes, Ms. Demanden," he stammered in reply.

"Come sit by me," she said, patting a space on the chaise. When he did, she leaned into him and let a breath of smoke float into his face. "That's like the look and smell of my smoke, don't you, Charley?"

"ummmmm...yes, Ms. Demanden." The post-hypnotic suggestions she had installed during the conference were dropping him into trance even without a trigger, but Vera didn't have time for long drawn-out inductions today.

"Let's go into conference, Charley," she said, and his eyes glazed over. "Very good. Now, with every breath, you draw in my smoke...and as you do, a new desire overcomes you. With every breath of my smoke, you feel the need to dress more femininely. With every breath of my smoke, you wish more strongly to become a prissy little sex servant."

He breathed deeply of her smoke as she exhaled directly into his face. "Yes, Ms. Demanden," he replied.

"Excellent...this desire will grow in you and you will also feel the need to smoke as I do. You will crave the most feminine of cigarettes...long, slender, beautiful. With each inhalation of their smoke, you will grow even more feminine and more attached to me."

"Yes, Ms. Demanden," he replied again, practically gasping to inhale more of her intoxicating vapors.

"Very good, now, on the count of three, you will awaken. When you do, my servant Amber will escort you to a room where you can change into more appropriate clothing. You will ask Amber for cigarettes. I expect you to have finished half the pack by the time you return to me.


Charley's eyes fluttered open and he stared at Vera with undisguised devotion. At that moment, the androgynous Amber re-appeared. "Amber here has everything you need to make the changes that will improve your business prospects, Charley," Vera advised. "Are you prepared to follow Amber?"

"Oh, yes, Ms. Demanden," he said, rising from the chaise. "Amber, would you happen to have a pack of cigarettes?" Smiling, Amber produced a pack of Capri, and a delicate, feminine
lighter and led the half-entranced Charley to a room of transformation.

CHAPTER THREE: Carmichael Is All Tied Up

Dan Carmichael's phone rang. He picked it up and said, "Yes?"

"Ms. Vera Demanden is here to see you, sir," his secretary told him.

"Send her in," he replied, eagerly.

Vera strode into his office without knocking, a fetishistic picture in black leather, a whip trailing behind her. "I'm afraid I gave your secretary something of a shock, Dan," she said. "I may call you Dan, right? It seems she's something of a prude...well, we can change that."

She sat on the couch, and crossed her long legs, so that her tight leather skirt rode up her thighs. She swung her leg back and forth, capturing Dan's attention with the flash of the light off the patent leather. "I've come up with a plan to improve your business, Dan--let's go into conference." And Dan drifted into trance.

"You like the way I look, don't you, Dan?" she asked.

"Yes, Ms. Demanden.

"This is your fantasy woman, isn't it? The leather-clad dominatrix? And what is it she does, exactly?" Vera went on.

"She ties me up and uses me," he admitted.

"Well, I only tie up and use pretty girls, Dan. Do you want me to tie you up?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden."

"Then you'll have to become a pretty girl, won't you?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden."

"And I won't be able to be here all the time to tie you up and keep you in control, Dan...I have other duties, other clients. Who should be your dominatrix then?"

"I...I don't know, Ms. Demanden," he hesitated.

"Why not your pretty little secretary? I took the liberty of hypnotizing her while we waited for you...and she's now quite prepared to take charge of you when I'm not around. Is that all right?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden."

"Excellent. In a moment, I will wake you by counting to three, and then I will ask your secretary to come in. You will obey her as you would me.

"One...two....three!" Dan's eyes snapped open. "Loretta, would you come in here and take charge?" she called. With that phrase, she triggered the dominating persona she had created in Dan's formerly mousy assistant...and Loretta strode in, carrying a leather bag.

"Everything you'll need to improve your business is in that bag, Dan. Loretta knows how to make it work." Vera turned to the much-changed secretary. "I suggest you tell everyone that Mr. Carmichael is....tied up...for the rest of the day."

CHAPTER FOUR: Davison's Little Thing

"Good morning," Vera Demanden said to the receptionist, "I have an appointment with Ed Davison...."

"Oh, yes," the girl said, rising from behind her desk, "I'll take you right in." Vera observed her, dressed in crisp white, with petticoats floating over her white-stockinged legs, and cute white patent-leather shoes. She looked around--all the other women in the place were dressed similarly. "Good heavens," she thought, "he makes his employees dress to please his little fetish!"

Clad in her own leather business suit, Vera strode into Davison's office. "Hello, Ed--I may call you Ed, right?" This one came close to disgusting her...there would be no "foreplay" this time. ""Let's go into conference, shall we?" Before Davison could even complete his greeting, he dropped immediately into trance.

Vera gestured out the windowed wall of his office to the staff outside. "This is your vision of the perfect woman, Ed? A child-like waif?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden," he replied.

"And why is that?" she asked.

"Because they are unthreatening..." he answered, his voice trailing off.

"Do you find me threatening?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden," he admitted.

"...but strangely attractive, too--am I right?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden."

"Ed, I have considered your personal and business situation--I think, in order to succeed, your business needs to be as unthreatening as your staff...and that means you should be as well," she explained. "Do you understand what that means, Ed?"

", Ms. Demanden...."

"It means you must become as child-like and feminine as your staff," she continued. "Are you ready to do that?"

"If you say I must, Ms. Demanden."

"Very good. In a moment, I will wake you from trance by counting from one to three. When you awake, you will immediately ask for my assistance in transforming you as required. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden."

"Good. One...two....three!"

Ed's eyes fluttered open. "Oh, Ms. Demanden, your plan for helping my company makes so much sense. When can we start?"

"Immediately, Ed," she answered. "I have a friend who will assist in making you into precisely the kind of girl-child you need to be." She rose and led him from the office, stopping to tell the receptionist. "The dress code around here will be changing...I suggest that you and all the other women take the afternoon off and shop for some short tight skirts, revealing tops, and very high heels!"

CHAPTER FIVE: Everett's Sense of Service

Vera advised Fred Everett to come to her office for the next stage of her consultation. He entered to find her seated at her desk, hair pulled back, glasses on, looking like the classic sexy librarian. She lowered her glasses and peered at him over the rims.

"Hello, Fred--I may call you Fred?--I believe I've worked out a plan to improve customer service at your firm. Let's go into conference, shall we?" With those words, Fred dropped into trance, just as his colleagues had done. "Fred, I believe you told me that your favorite form of sex was the blow-job. Am I correct?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden," he replied.

"And you are always most attracted to a woman who looks like she is good at that? One with full, soft lips, for example?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden."

"Do you believe that such women are the preferred sex partners of most men?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden..."

"Then it follows, doesn't it, that your firm should be staffed--from the top down--by beautiful women ready to 'service' your clients in that way?" she asked, grinning.

"I suppose so, Ms. Demanden," he answered.

"I know so, Fred," she insisted. "Now, in a moment, I will awaken you by counting from one to three...and when I do, the idea of being a woman who gives blow-jobs will be the most natural, most erotic thing you can imagine. You will readily agree when I suggest it."

"Yes, Ms, Demanden."

"Very good. Now, one...two...three...awake!" Fred's eyes fluttered open and he regarded Ms. Demanden with undisguised devotion.

"Fred, you see now that, for your business to succeed, you must service your customers exactly the way you want to be serviced, don't you?" Vera inquired.

"Oh, yes, Ms. Demanden...anything you suggest!"

She handed him a card. "Then you should immediately make an appointment with my associate--and I'll see you next week."

more to come


Linda Marie Daniels said...

Fun story, Dani! I love a good hypno story, especially in the workplace. I hope you decide to do more stories like this. Thanks for posting this one.

All the best.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Well, I have a project I'm working on...there will be an announcement of sorts later this week.