Saturday, March 17, 2012

Creative Consultant--the Conclusion

[As promised, the ending to the story, at last!]


Once again, Vera Demanden stood at the head of a conference table, with five people arranged around it. But this time, no one would ever imagine that any of the five was male.

Bill Abernathy, now known as Boobsy, wore a tight-fitting purple minidress, with a cut-out over massive tits...tits that measured 44D. They clung to the thin fabric of the dress, as did the massive erection at her crotch.

Charley Baker, now Charlene, puffed sensuously on a long feminine cigarette, letting the smoke rise langorously from her red lips. With every intake of the smoke, her cock twitched in her panties.

Dan Carmichael, now Dani, was securely bound to her chair, a red ball gag firmly wedged in her mouth. She struggled, but every movement only increased her arousal.

Ed Davison, who was now known as Edna, was dressed in a frilly dress suited to a little girl, although her figure was definitely that of a well-developed woman. She toyed with a large, realistic dildo.

Fred Everett, now Frieda, carefully redid the paint of her full lips, replacing the color that had smeared off them after she had given a blowjob to every one of the male staff in her office.

All of them gazed at Vera with glazed, slightly unfocused eyes. "Now," she said, "have you all brought your tributes?"

"Yes, Ms. Demanden," they answered, dropping bundles of cash before her.

"Very good," she said, smiling. "Now, I think it's time you introduced me to your seconds-in-command...."


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