Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy New Year 17

The second outfit today (and penultimate one for the month) is this twofer and pencil skirt combination.

The top is by Worthington (a JCPenney line, I believe) and I found it in a thrift shop in January 2012; the skirt is by a company called Dots and I bought from a thrift shop as well in February 2011; the shoes are one of my oldest pairs, Predictions black pumps with a little bow from Payless in February 2008. Other accessories are a shiny bow, gold jewelry, black belt, and black hose.

Another nice portrait:

More pics on Flickr; one more outfit which I'll post tomorrow; and don't forget to vote in the poll (details here)!

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Goddess Gracie said...

Very cute hun :)

Goddess Gracie xx