Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shopping Adventure

...and a successful one, at that!

First, why this was an "adventure" ~ I went out on this trip wearing the following (from the skin out): waist cincher, torso shaper, pink panties, knee socks, green long-sleeve women's t-shirt with cowl neck, women's jeans, women's boots, and pink lip gloss. The only male attire was my fleece jacket (needed because wallet, etc. do not fit comfortably in the jeans pockets).

Along the way, I had fairly extended conversations with three female clerks...one of whom saw me quite close up as she fitted me for a wig! (If she had any doubts about my story of wanting it for a play, she didn't express them...even going so far as commenting on how the wig would look under stage lights.)

So, what did I get? The wig ~ I've wanted a short-style wig in something like my own hair color for some time, because I get so many compliments when I wear my own hair (as it gets longer) combed into a somewhat femme style. Costume shops don't have these, and the one mall wig store I tried seems mostly aimed at women trying to hide their gray hair. I knew of a boutique that caters to cancer patients and women with thinning hair, so I decided to try there. The clerk was marvelous...she had nothing in women's styles that worked, but then brought out a man's uncut/unstyled wig. I tried it on and it was perfect ~ a near-match to my color and very much like a longer version of the style I achieve when using my own hair. (FTR, I can't let my real hair get to that length for very long; in male mode, it becomes unmanageable.) She gave me a terrific discount on the wig, as well ~ letting me have a $125 wig for $50 (a bit more than I planned to spend, but worth it)!

Next I went to the mall and dropped off my wife's watch for a new battery. More on that in a bit. While it was being done, I stopped into a store called The Shoe Dept., which usually has some very sexy styles. This time they had these beautiful pumps, from Kevin Cole's Unlisted line, for just $9.99!

Then I went to Target. Although they were busy getting their post-holiday clearance going, I saw nothing in the dresses, skirts, or blouses that screamed "buy me", so I checked out the accessories. You all know I love hats...and I found this lovely cloche for just under $12. I already have a red fedora, a black cloche, a black wide-brimmed hat and a white wide-brimmed one, now I have one in blue! Checking out, I spoke for a bit to the clerk about the problem she was having with her sales terminal...and, again, no obvious reaction to my clothing or to the lip gloss.

Back to the watch kiosk, to pick up the watch. Again, a fairly extended conversation...and no reaction.

From this, I have two explanations: 1) Most sales people are oblivious to what you're wearing, unless you make it somehow blatant (bright red lipstick on a male face, perhaps); or 2) If they do notice, they just don't care.

Anyway, you'll see all of these ~ especially the wig ~ in the next few days. In the meantime, don't forget to vote in the poll (details here)!

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