Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Close-ups of the earrings I wore with the two outfits today:

They are both intended for pierced ears...and, no, I have not gotten my ears pierced! But I can wear them thanks to something I discovered in Clair's, the mall chain for pre-teens--little devices that convert any pierced-ear earring into a clip-on. Here's the instructions from the back of the package:

To try them out, I bought two different styles of earrings...the ones on the left are the kind where the wire just goes through the piercing and stays in place by gravity; the ones on the right are typical post-and-backing style. The converters seem to work well with either, as you can see. (They come two sets to a package, for $6.50.)

From now on, for a small additional price, I can stop passing up really attractive pierced-ear earrings.

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