Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rock October 2

...as a sexy, sissy, librarian...

The pink twofer is by Karen Scott, a Macy's brand, found in a thrift shop in November 2011; the black pencil skirt is from Fashion Bug in February 2011; the shoes are Fioni fuchsia pink pumps, from Payless in January 2009. Other accessories are pink polka-dot headband, glasses, scarf, black-and-white jewelry, and pink net tights.

I haven't used the glasses in a while...do you all still like them?

More pics on Flickr; that's the last outfit from Sunday; I'll post some artwork over the next couple of days; and don't forget to rate the woman you'd love to be (details here)!

1 comment:

Linda Marie Daniels said...

I like your sexy librarian look.