Friday, February 28, 2014

A Different Kind of "Lost" Story


Female vigilante captures supermarket thief

The black-clad woman known as "Femdom" has been declared responsible for the apprehension of the seven-time supermarket thief identified as Stephen Harrison, a West Side resident.

Police report they found Harrison, with the loot from his latest hold-up, bound to a lamp=post about a block from the scene of the robbery. Like Femdom's previous captures, Harrison was dressed in women's clothes, including a good deal of lace and satin, and shoes with extremely high heels. He wore a blonde wig and his face was covered in cosmetics.

Though police will not confirm, witnesses say Harrison spoke in a girlish voice, identified himself as "Stephanie," and gave a full account of all his crimes. This matches eye-witness accounts of Femdom's other captures, all of whom have continued to identify themselves as female, often claiming to be the "sissy-slaves" of their masked apprehender.

"How does she do that?" Police cadet Wayne Grayson threw the paper down on the table in a fit of pique! "The cops have been looking for that guy for weeks...and she walks in and not only finds him, but pulls that 'sissy' transformation, too--and makes him confess, to boot!"

He looked around the coffee shop. No one had paid any real attention to his little tirade. He sighed. Maybe that was just as well.

But someone had paid attention. Out of his sight, a tall redhead had watched the entire scene, first with amusement, then with interest. She rose and approached his table.

Wayne was surprised when the leggy vision appeared before him. She held out a hand, "How do you do?" she began. "I couldn't help overhearing your comments about Femdom. My name is Robyn Bruce." Wayne stared at her. She was dressed in a black, one-shouldered bodysuit, with a miniscule black leather miniskirt. She had on fishnet stockings and black pumps with five-inch heels. Her red hair fell to her shoulders in soft waves. She wore a turquoise pendant in the shape of the ancient symbol for "woman."

"Wayne Grayson. Sorry, I didn't mean to be so loud," Wayne apologized.

"No need. You see, I'm quite a 'fan' of Femdom, and I'd be interested in why a police cadet objects to some help in stopping crime," Robyn said.

"I don't object, actually," Wayne replied. "I'm just fascinated by her methods."

"Really?" Robyn said, as she began toying with the pendant. "So am I. That's why I wear this." She unhooked it in the back and held the blue symbol dangling in the air, over the table. "Isn't it lovely?"

Wayne found that he couldn't take his eyes off the pendant, that it seemed to begin to glow, to hold his attention, as Robyn's voice softly cooed to him. "That's right, Wayne, just watch the emblem of female power and persuasion and listen to my voice. I'm going to give you a set of instructions. You will follow them to the letter. When you have completed them, you will report to this address." She slipped a note to him. "At that time, I will awaken you from this trance with the words, Sissy the Boy-Girl Wonder. At any time, you will return to this trance when I say your real name. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Robyn," he replied.

"Very good," she said. "Now go!"

Wayne stood and left, heading for the shopping district. Robyn watched and smiled.


The sun had just gone down when Wayne arrived at the address Robyn had given him. He was loaded down with packages. He rang the bell, and the door was opened by a figure in a French maid's uniform. She was tall and leggy in her black-and-white outfit. "Ah, you must be Master Wayne," she said, in a breathily husky voice. "I am Fredrica, Mistress Robyn's maid-servant. I will escort you to her."

Fredrica led the still-mesmerized police cadet to a hidden stairway, that led to a cavern below the house, the secret lair of Femdom! Robyn was already there, dressed in her black-satin costume with the symbol-shaped cutout over her luscious breasts, but unmasked. "Thank you, Frederica," she said. "That will be all for now. You have permission to jack off in reward for your excellent service today," she told the maid, noting the growing bulge beneath her petticoats.

"Thank you, Mistress," the maid replied, curtseying. She turned on her spike heels and left.

"Now, let's see how well you have done, my little sidekick-to-be!" Robyn took the packages from Wayne, ordered him to strip, and began to dress him in the results of his shopping trip, from a severely laced corset to nude stockings, breast forms, panties, garter belt, and white, rustling pettis. She forced his feet into the extremely pointed black-patent pumps with the five-inch heels.

Then she made up his face, turning his youthful good looks into feminine loveliness, topping it all with a long straight wig that closely matched his own blond locks.

Then, from a closet, she produced the finishing touch--his new costume. She put it on him, then adjusted her own mask. "Turn and face the mirror, Sissy the Boy-Girl Wonder!" The newly named assistant to the dominant feminizing crimebuster looked at the image before her--and knew instantly that this was what she had longed for. She would join her senior partner in eliminating crime by sissifying the criminal element.

"Criminals are a weak and cowardly lot," Femdom told the pink-clad boy-girl. "We will prey on that weakness and cowardice by turning them into the overly-feminine slaves they deserve to be!

"Now--to the Femmobile!" She raced to the big lavender Cadillac, while Sissy minced behind in his stiletto heels.

"We're looking for a guy who's been stalking, harrassing and raping pretty young girls, Sissy," Femdom explained to her protégé. "In fact, you'd probably make a damned good piece of bait." She pulled the car over and said, "Wayne Grayson."

Instantly, the pink-clad crimefighter dropped into trance. "Yes, Mistress?" she asked.

"I want you to put on the outfit you'll find in the utility compartment," Femdom ordered. "Once dressed, you will get out of the Femmobile and strut your stuff down the main drag. When I see that you've gotten the attention of our prey, I'll give you the trigger to return you to the Boy-Girl Wonder. The trigger is kick up your heels, Sissy!"

Moments later, Sissy swiveled down the street in a dress suitable for clubbing. Sure enough, as Femdom tracked her with a hidden transceiver, the suspect--one Joker Dent--began to follow the petite blonde. He began to pass obscene comments: "Hey, little baby! Betchu got some sweet candy in that package." Femdom bided her time, waiting for a stronger case. In time it came, as Joker became more aggressive and finally trapped Sissy against a wall.

"Kick up your heels, Sissy!" came the word. And Sissy complied, sending her pointed toe directly into Joker's crotch. He dropped to the pavement, as Femdom drove up. She hopped from the Femmobile and showed the cringing criminal her pendant.

Half-an-hour later, a much different Joker walked into the local precinct. He was dressed in the white leather halter dress, hip-slung belt, fish-net stockings and white pumps Sissy had worn in her role as bait. His face had been prettied with cosmetics, he wore jewelry and a long brunette wig.

When the desk sergeant looked him over, he curtsied and announced: "My Mistress Femdom has commanded I report to you. I was once Joker, a harasser and rapist, but now I am Harlequin, a pathetic sissy slave. Lock me up."

From the rooftop across the street, Femdom and Sissy watched in triumph as the cops led the skirted perpetrator to the lock-up. Femdom glanced down at Sissy's crotch. "Seems you've gotten excited by all this, little one. No problem--I have the solution to that as well," she said, as she caressed the Boy-Girl Wonder's privates.

"Oooh--thank you, Mistress Femdom!" Sissy sighed.

"Just a reward for a job well-done," Femdom replied.


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