Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Frolics 9

The second outfit for my three-day excursion into femininity...

The black-and-white dress is from Fashion Bug in January 2011; the shoes are Fioni "Loveit" black patent pumps from Payless in May 2011. Other accessories are pearls, skinny black belt, gloves, white bow, and natural hose.

After this session, I changed into semi-drab, in order to run an errand and eat dinner (I try to avoid eating in my femme clothes so as not to soil them). I had on hose, pink panties and a pink camisole, under male outerwear. While at home, I'm still wearing those black pumps, but on sneakers for the errand.

Oh, and here's a portrait:

More pics on Flickr; one more photo session tonight; don't forget to choose the woman you'd prefer to be (details here)

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