Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On the Couch, Part Four


That completed, I put them in matching bondage--white leather bondage glove, locking their arms together behind their backs (and thus further displaying their boobs) and silver chains locking their ankles together, restricting their strides to a mere six inches. The resulting mincing walk caused a most delicious jiggle all over their bodies. The final touch was a locking ball gag in each mouth--they would speak, if at all, when I wished.

"All right, ladies--and there's a misstatement, if I ever heard one--it's off to Mistress Angela's party."


At 8 pm, we arrived at Mistress Angela's door. I had attached satin ribbons to chokers around my Bimbos' throats, and by these leads I brought them up the stairs and rang the bell.

I was momentarily startled when the door was opened by a pair of nearly identical maid-slaves, until I recalled the party's theme--twins. Like me, Angela had chosen to create a pairing by putting one each of her male and female slaves into matching outfits. I recognized one of the maids as Angela's regular live-in lover, Jackie, but the other was unknown to me--I thought.

Then the cross-dressed servant spoke to me in greeting, "Good evening, Mistress Verna. I hope you and your slaves are well." His voice was unmistakable--it was Angela's chauvinist pig of a boss, Steven, now obviously Stephanie. So she had finally succeeded in dominating and petticoating him! I would have to get the details out of her later. (For the story of Angela and Stephanie, see Petticoating the Boss.)

I let Stephanie take my hand and aid me over the threshold, tugging on the satin leashes of Bimbo Susan and Bimbo Martha. Spotting Angela on the other side of the room, I ordered my slaves to remain where they stood and went to see her. She was in a group with Mistress Jennifer, Mistress Carla and Mistress Maria. Those three had obviously chosen to take the twins theme one step further--and had all come in look-alike outfits: triplets!

Each wore a black leather business suit with power-padded shoulders and a tight, super-short skirt over sleek nyloned legs perched on six-inch-heeled black patent-leather pumps. Their TV slaves--respectively Sissy Dani, Little Miss Mandy and Busty Barbie--were also in triplet costumes, with the cue taken from Carla's Mandy, who was generally dressed in sissy-boy attire.

Tonight was no exception. All three wore blue velvet suits consisting of short, waist-length jackets and knickers that buckled (with bejewelled buckles) above the knee. Under the jackets, each wore a different color of ruffled satin blouse--Dani's was pink, Mandy's pale blue and Barbie's black. All wore seamed white nylons and seven-inch heels with T-straps in a blue leather that matched their suits. Their hair was done in sweet pageboys with satin bows that matched their blouses and matching satin chokers encircled their throats.

Only Mandy did not look completely ridiculous in this outfit--she was only 18 after all and had many months ofpractice at carrying off this kind of costume. Sissy Dani did not look too out-of-place: her still-budding breasts and narrow hips made her seem also androgynous. But Busty Barbie--as her name would indicate--attracted a good deal of ridicule. Her 38D breasts strained against the satin ruffles of her blouse, making her little girl look totally outlandish. Each time a dominant guest smirked at Barbie's predicament, Mistress Maria merely smiled, and commanded her slave to stand straighter, so her breasts would be more prominent.

I could see my two little Bimbos would have competition for the prize for best costume, as I released them from their bondage gloves and gags.

In addition to the costume contest, Angela had arranged entertainment. Knowing that many of her fellow dominants had an intense interest in hypnosis, she had hired a professional hypnotist/entertainer--without telling him about the nature of the party or those who would attend it. Our entertainment would come not only from his act, but also from his reaction to our little community.

When the hypnotist, who called himself Roberto, asked for volunteers, I led my two Bimbos to the stage. The three of us, beautiful, sexy and dressed for it, stood before him. I glanced at his crotch and could see his cock grow. He began his attempts to hypnotize us--without success; after all Susan and Martha were already in a trance and, as a practiced hypnotist myself, I knew how to resist his suggestions. The crowd roared--they were in on the secret.

Finally, Roberto gave up. Then I took over. "Roberto, I've noticed your interest in my two little friends here." He nodded, smiling somewhat lasciviously. He was bright enough to have figured just what kind of gathering this was. "Well," I continued, "this is Bimbo Susan and Bimbo Martha. Greet the nice man, dearies."

Each in her turn, the two entranced Bimbos embraced him and planted wet, open-mouthed kisses on him, while rubbing their hands over his rapidly enlarging cock. His own hands strayed to their satin-covered behinds. "I see you like the feel of satin, Roberto," I commented. He nodded. "Would you like to try on those panties?" My own voice had slipped into the tone I used when hypnotizing patients--and I could see Roberto was not the expert I was in resisting suggestion. He nodded again.

I ordered Susan to strip off her panties and hand them to Roberto. He stripped off pants and underpants and quickly slid the panties up his legs and over his loins. Now Martha was ordered to kiss him again and stroke his cock through the panties, engorging it further. Roberto was panting, eager for sexual release. He was also almost completely under my control.

The audience watched silently now, completely wrapped up in this little drama of dominance and control. I told Roberto to strip out of his jacket and shirt. He stood before me, naked except for his white satin panties, his cock causing a most pleasant bulge. I had him sit while I made up his face and rouged his nipples. The completed unisexual look was delightful.

"Now, Roberto, I want you to masturbate through your panties--and at the moment you come you will wake from your trance."

Immediately, he began stroking his cock and soon he was shuddering with his imminent orgasm. As the panties filled with his cum, his eyes flew open in shock at what he was doing, how he was dressed. The crowd laughed and applauded.

Now I didn't care if my Bimbos won the costume contest--the party was a success!


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