Friday, February 21, 2014

On the Couch, Part Two


The rest of the evening was spent with Martha learning the joys of lesbian love, servicing both Susan and me, and watching as we made love to each other. As the clock chimed 10, I realized it was time for the finale.

"Martha, pack your male clothes into this bag," I ordered. While the mesmerized little thing did as I ordered, I continued my instructions. "When you leave here, you will hail a cab and return to your home. Once there, you will call me again. Now go!"

After the pretty little submissive left, Susan and I fell back into the bed, driving each other to distraction. We were interrupted about a half-hour later by the phone. "Hello," I answered.

"It's Martha, Mistress Verna," came the reply.

I looked at Susan and smiled. "The session is over," I said into the phone. Instantly, I heard a thud, as the receiver must have dropped out of Martin's hand. Undoubtedly, he had lost all control as he discovered himself in his cute little lace dress and heels.

I would have to ask him to describe his reaction at our next session.


As directed by my posthypnotic command, Martin called the next day to arrange a series of regular weekly visits. He said nothing of his discovery of himself dressed as an attractive young woman the night before. Undoubtedly, he was too humiliated by the experience (and bewildered by his lack of knowledge as to how he had gotten into that predicament) to discuss it even with me, his psychiatrist.

I made no attempt at that time to further my control of his erotic life. For the next step, I wanted him with me in the same room.

My opportunity came the following Friday, when Martin arrived at my office precisely at 4:45, scheduled as the last session of the day. As ordered, he had brought an overnight bag. He seemed even more hesitant and embarrassed at being there than usual.

I escorted him into my sanctum sanctorum. "What's wrong, Martin? You seem quite upset," I began.

"Dr. Gruenwald, I don't know how to say this--well, just look in the bag I brought with me," he stammered.

Fully knowing what I would find, I unlatched the bag and peeked inside. Sure enough, inside was a complete set of lingerie (quite attractive, too) and what looked like a fine collection of cosmetics. "Doctor, I don't know what's happening to me," he continued. "I felt absolutely compelled to pack that bag and bring it here today. But that's not the worst--the night after our last session...." he choked up.

I put my arm around his waist and guided him to my professional couch. "Put your mind at ease. Why don't you lie on the couch, Martin?"

Instantly, as he settled himself onto the comfortable leather of the couch, Martin fell into his trance. "Martin, tell me about the night after your last visit with me," I ordered.

"Well, Doctor, I don't remember very much before about 10:30--my mind seems to be a complete blank before that," he started. "But at 10:30, I remember I was holding the phone when I suddenly looked down at myself and discovered I was dressed completely as a woman! I was wearing a lacy red cocktail dress with a high neckline and miniskirt; I had on stockings, a garterbelt and red high-heeled pumps. I looked in the mirror and I saw that my face had also been remade--with eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lipstick. I'm embarrassed to admit it, Doctor, but I looked beautiful!

"I hung up the phone and found myself getting more and more aroused at the sight of myself in this dress, this makeup. Finally, I could hold it in no longer, Doctor--I took my cock in my hands and masturbated until I came. Then, exhausted and humiliated, I pulled off all the clothes, washed my face and went to bed."

That was exactly the kind of reaction I had hoped for, as Martin's subconscious desire for crossdressing and humiliation overcame his social conditioning. Now it was time to add some conditioning of my own.

I looked my mesmerized patient/slave directly in the eye. "Martha, kiss me!" I commanded. Instantly, I saw the change in Martin's attitude as his normal male persona slipped into the background and Martha, the submissive lesbian, came to the fore. We locked in a passionate embrace, mouths pressed together, until I pushed him away.

"Martha! How dare you appear before me in those horrid clothes! Get dressed properly, immediately!" I ordered.

"Yes, Mistress Verna," he whispered, eyes lowered. He picked up the overnight case, pulled out the teddy and panties set within it, and proceeded to remove his male clothing, replacing it with the exceedingly feminine outfit he had brought.

And feminine it was--the teddy was pure white satin, trimmed with delicate lace. The matching panties hugged his ass with their sensuous fabric, while at the same time driving my little TV's cock to extremes. With them, he wore a white satin garterbelt and sheer nude color stockings. His shoes, I was delighted to see, were white patent-leather sandals with five-inch heels. Overall, the picture Martin/Martha made was adorable.

Turning from her, I locked the door to my office and stripped off my own business suit. My lingerie, as befitting my role as dominant, was black satin--bra, panties and garterbelt--along with black stockings and black patent-leather pumps with six-inch heels. The combination of my higher heels and our natural height difference (I'm 5'9", Martha only 5'7") had me towering over my crossdressed submissive, a fact I found highly erotic.

Next, I produced a pair of handcuffs and told Martha, "Come to me and turn your back." As ordered, she placed her hands behind her and I carefully secured them behind her. Then I fastened an eight-inch chain to her ankles, shortening her stride and preventing any sudden escape.

"Kneel before me, Martha," I commanded. When she had complied, I stripped off my panties and spread my legs, giving her an unobstructed view of my pussy. "Service me, Martha."

Without a word of protest, the former Martin did as I asked.

"Martin, darling," I began, using the code phrase that would bring his male persona forward, without removing the hypnotic spell. "Do you like what you're doing?"

"Yes, Mistress Verna," he replied, in his male voice.

"Martin," I continued, "are you aware of the way you're dressed?"

"Yes, Mistress Verna," he replied.

"And how do you feel about that?"

"I am deeply humiliated and ashamed to be seen dressed as a woman, Mistress, and....

"And...?" I prompted.

"And I am also extremely aroused, Mistress. This is the most erotic thing I have ever done," he concluded.

"Soon you will do many erotic things, Martin, my love," I told him, "all at my command." I went to the closet and pulled out the dress I had brought for Martha to wear on her first shopping excursion with me. Made of raw silk, the royal blue shift featured a low-cut vee neck, tight miniskirt and three- quarter length sleeves. Combined with her white satin undergarments, the look was quite appealing--classy yet sexy, and very feminine.

"Kiss me, Martha," I commanded once again, and I saw the shift in personality and bearing that meant my submissive lesbian lover was back in control of Martin/Martha's body. Once again, we clung to each other in deep Sapphic passion.

I broke our embrace to announce, "Martha, you need a new wardrobe--come with me to the mall!"


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