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Just So Perfect

Chapter Two:
Training and Beautification

I was dressed that first morning pretty much like a young girl of ten or possibly twelve, who was just beginning to outgrow dollies and playing house. Before really clothing me, Mme. Celia would introduce me to my first "modesty device" and corset.

For the time being, my gaffing would be mild. A simple, and slightly restrictive, panty brief. I wouldn't be "tucked, or worse yet, taped, unless I become "immodest at inopportune times." My corseting, however, was to be strict and severe, starting with an everyday, three-inch reduction in my waistline, working towards a "plus five" slimming of my waist for special occasions.

Even with my present waist size (27 inches), that would put me at 22 inches. Considering that Ma'amselle had discussed me losing another ten pounds, instead of the aforementioned "plumping up," I'd probably be a diminutive nineteen inches or less, before my training was done.

This first morning, once my panty brief and panties were put on, I was put into white tights and two-inch heeled, tee-strap pumps. I was then mince-marched to the lacing pedestal and my hands were attached to the lacing bar. It was then raised until I was on tiptoes. Dr. Irene, Ma'amselle and Polly were present.

As Ma'amselle and Polly began to lace me in, Dr. Irene warned, "Only take her in three inches ladies. She should be no less then a twenty-four inch waist when you're done. We don't want her fainting," she said with mild concern. She held a sewing tape and checked me each time the ladies took in the laces, announcing the result.

"Twenty-five. Very nice and our princess is still conscious. Feeling okay, Vivian dear?" she asked sweetly, patting my now plump butt.

The results of this type of figure training was to give one a flat tummy, and a defined waist, while plumping up the rear, and forming an area of flesh to resemble a woman's breasts. The effect was one of looking very sleek and svelte. I was near fainting when they had finished, but after a brief respite at the vanity bench, I was ready to continue being dressed.

The fleshy mounds the corseting had produced were soon encased in a firm, scalloped bra with padded cups. I had been given about a 36 A cup chest. Next, a pink fluffy sweater was pulled over my turbaned head. It had a plunging neckline, and the bottom came to mid thigh. This was followed by a charcoal gray pleated, poodle skirt that stooped just short of my knees. I was then seated for my hair and make up.

Polly made me stare straight into the vanity. Behind me, I could see Dr. Hoffman leave and Ms. Lucinda, my aunt's attorney, enter. Lucinda smiled and took a seat to the right, and behind me. She watched attentively, fingers of one hand to the side of her face, as Polly unfastened the tight turban while Ma'amselle set out my make up, and readied the ear-piercing tool.

Ms. Lucinda spoke up as Polly began to remove my curlers, exposing bouncy, spirally sausage-like curls that had been formed by the vertical setting pattern. "Irene will be piercing her ears, won't she, Ma'amselle? After all as a doctor she would observe the highest standards of hygiene," she stated firmly.

Ma'amselle, not thrilled with the question, snapped back, "I hadn't planned on it Ms. Robbins. Would you care to do it?"

Not to be outdone, and in a surprising moment of gallantry, my Lucinda stated, "No, Ma'amselle. As I said--I, as the attorney, in a questionable identity change such as this, would prefer a physician perform any surgical changes, even as minor as an ear piercing. Especially when a physician is present, and the lovely child in question is a minor. Is that clear, Ma'amselle?" she asked rising and coming to my side.

"Yes, it's quite clear, Ms. Lucinda. In any event, my employer will hear of this interference of my duties," said Ma'amselle, leaving the room.

How exciting! I had two of them ready to fight for my honor!

Polly nervously fluffed my hair as Lucinda came towards me, placing her hand on my shoulder. "Leave her hair springy and curly like this, Polly. Touch it up with some jell and spray. Here. I'll do it, Polly. You start on her makeup. Her hair is so lovely!" Lucinda exclaimed, touching me and fussing all over me.

"This shade of medium brown just needs some highlights. I think we should keep her in curls. Wait until Elaine at Salon Femme Fatale gets through with her. A permanent wave will be perfect!" she added, surprising me with her sudden interest.

"I believe she'll be going to Pamela's Palace initially," Polly stated.

"Really? I prefer Salon Femme, but I guess Pamela's is better for novice sissies," Lucinda said, as she pecked me on the cheek. Her new-found attention towards me was flattering and I hoped we could soon pursue it in private.

Once Polly finished off my make up with some creamy coral pink lipstick, I was posed in front of the mirror to view my colorfully beautified face. The blend of pinks, reds, and assorted pastel shades, made me look cute and innocent. My aunt would be quite thrilled! My sausage-like, Shirley Temple curls glistened and bounced. I myself felt pleased.

First though, I was taken to Ma'amselle, for my first day of high-heel practice, charm lessons and skirt management classes. "We'll have Irene do your ears after lunch, pumpkin," Lucinda stated as she looked back over her shoulder for Ma'amselle's reaction.

Ma'amselle proved to be a tireless taskmistress. She drilled me precisely, to different music, first in walking. I was to take dainty, short steps, with just a slight wiggle to my hips, my hands held "just so," my posture erect, my attitude demure. Most of the day went fine, until shortly before dinner when I sustained an erection during my clothing change.

Polly was putting me into a sweet, gingham frock, with a many-tiered petticoat underneath. The rustling of the lace and it's rubbing against my legs, produced a swelling of my penis. Only she and Lucinda were present.

"Polly have her lie on the bed, and put her petties over her head. Would you like to relieve her?" the attorney asked?

"No ma'am, I'm not supposed to unless I speak with Ma'amselle first," Polly stated nervously.

"Well then Polly, run along, I'll bring our princess to dinner. You may speak with Ma'amselle of this during tonight's conference. In the meantime, I can deal with our little show of excitement here," Lucinda said smiling.

With my petties over my head, she took some Vaseline and began stroking me while cooing to me. She told me she would take care of me anytime I became swelled up and I should just be careful whom I became erect around. When I did come, she smothered my penis with a satiny scarf. I had to have my makeup repaired because of the tears that came to my eyes.

I was very quiet at supper. During the conference, which everyone attended, the vote was five to one to curb my boyish swellings by frequent ministrations. Ma'amselle was the only one to vote for tighter gaffing and taping.

"Polly, you and Abigail may take turns, massaging Vivian's pelvic region until she is properly relieved of her tension. I would say a minimum of four times daily. Once upon awakening. Once at bedtime. Also before and after her afternoon nap. That's the bare minimum," my aunt stated firmly.

"I would also say it would be a good idea to see that she is properly relieved before any visitors come, or before any outings," Dr. Irene added.

"I agree," said Lucinda, looking deeply into my eyes. "Ladies who adore little sissies, tend to fuss over them and fondle them obsessively. The poor darlings can't deal with it," she stated as she puckered her lips and blew me a kiss.

Ma'amselle was none too thrilled with the results of the vote, and I would get my share of over the knee spankings in the days that followed. She'd use any reason. One reason, which seemed to be a catch all, was "failure of effeminacy."

Lucinda and Irene left after the weekend to their respective jobs and homes. Aunt Melissa had her stock brokerage to take care of, so I was pretty much under the care of Polly, Abigail and Ma'amselle during the day.

Time passed quickly. I noticed that my body had begun to change. The creams and lotions probably contained some type of hormone as did my vitamins and the doctors occasional injections.

My voice became more girlish as did my mannerisms and attitude. When Aunt Missy thought it would be cute to put me into a maid's outfit like Abby and Polly, I said not a word. Ribbon streamers and all, I would do house work, wait on her friends, curtsey and called her mummy dearest, much to the pleasure of everyone.

One occasion for this type of Fifi maid dress up was the occasion of my legal adoption becoming final. Because I had progressed so beautifully, Aunt Missy and everyone else concerned had decided to make my "legal" age closer to 16, to be more realistic.

It was a really lovely party and Lucinda seemed quite enthralled with my uniform and submissive role-play. At bedtime after mummy had kissed me goodnight, my door opened. The scent of the perfume was distinct. Opium. That meant it was my Lucinda! My heart beat rapidly. I was a 20-year-old male in theory only. In reality, I acted as a simpering schoolgirl in love. A true sweet 16-year-old.

"I was actually going to wait until we had your sweet sixteen party a few weeks from now, but I decided I really couldn't stand it. Don't worry my prissy one, you're in good hands. I've made love to pantywaists quite frequently. I'll take care of you.

Our lovemaking was intense, her taking the lead. I actually passed out in her arms from my second orgasm, fully drained and spent. I awoke and waited on my love as a maid would wait on her mistress--combing her dark brown hair, oiling her creamy white skin.

I served her breakfast, topless, at her request, Polly bringing the food to my room. She left, kissing me and promising me more. Shortly after, Ma'amselle and Polly came to my room, for another day of training.


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