Monday, January 12, 2015

Just So Perfect

Chapter Four:
Sweet Sixteen Debutante

The day of my party had arrived. Mother had decided that it should be my true coming out. The house was filled with excitement. I could pretty much see that no matter what anyone thought, Lucinda was pretty much in charge. Maybe not of the party or the household, but definitely in charge of me.

She had decided that as part of my preparation, I should not only have my "bush" area shaved smoothed, but also be "milked" thoroughly, to prevent any immodest displays at my party.

For the occasion she had Polly and Abigail tie me spread-eagled to my bed that morning and bring scissors, a razor, shaving soap, a bowl of warm rinse water and a bottle of baby oil.

Ms. Pamela had arrived quite early to begin my hair. She had also brought her sissy trio of, Phoebe, Nelly and Betsy. Mother had decided they would serve dressed as sissy boy maids. That would mean full maids apparel but flat chests, to show everyone they were not anything but androgynous sissies.

They would also have to lisp when speaking and use limp wrists and effeminate mannerisms. Lastly, whenever introductions were in order they would say, "Hello, I'm Nelly (Betsy or Phoebe) and I'm a sissy." Embarrassing but amusing to the guests.

Lying on my back, awaiting my shaving and milking, my hair was set in pin curls and had been since Ms. Pamela had arrived with her entourage. It was also wrapped tightly in a scarf. And heavily jelled.

I didn't have much time to think though as Lucinda asked Polly, "Shall we shave her or milk her first, dear?"

"They're both messy propositions, ma'am, but I propose we shave her first," Polly said expertly.

Abigail laughed, saying, "Polly, before we start, tell Ms. Lucinda about your former charge Prissy."

When Lucinda looked at Polly with a questioning glance and smile, Polly began.

"My last charge, Prissy, will be here tonight. His Mother used to have Elaine come to the house to shave the sissy's bush into a heart shaped patch, bleach it and dye it "pink blonde" with Loreal hair color. It was adorable!" All the ladies got a real charge out of that one as Polly began to trim my pubic hair with scissors.

Second author's note: The following shaving procedure should be performed only in the privacy of one's bedroom, with the subject to be shaved, fully restrained. Soiling of overhead mirrors is very possible.

Having trimmed it short enough to begin shaving she turned the honors over to Lucinda, who began by using a perfumed soap to lather my entire genital region, which only served to intensify my arousal. It was quite unnecessary to restrain me to do the jobs at hand. Lucinda had done so to show her dominance over me. My helpless feelings would always serve to arouse me.

As she shaved me Lucinda chatted with the girls and massaged my exposed privates. I squirmed and whimpered which only encouraged her more. She had both maids put baby oil on the nipples of my hormone-induced breasts, in order to "condition the skin."

As I writhed and wriggled, everyone began to playfully pinch my butt. Upon the completion of my shaving, Lucinda began to clean off and then oil my entire genital region with baby lotion. Now I really became aroused! My penis and testicles swelled to engorged proportions!

To further intensify things she had Abby coat me with a warming love balm and fasten a cock ring at the base of my penis! Then as if that were not enough, Polly inserted a lubricated and rubber gloved finger in my anus!

My breaths came in short gasps and my whimpering turned to tears. As my eyes clouded, I begged for release. Not that she needed to, I would have done it anyway, but Lucinda picked this time to pop the question.

"Anything darling? Anything for release? How about becoming my slave for life? Marry me! Become my sissy bride. We'll announce it this evening," she laughed as she intensified her ministrations.

"Of course I will! Please darling? Let me come dear. I'm desperate! Yes, I'll be your sissy bride and slave for life. Please?! I begged frantically, for all to hear!

Indeed, at that moment, she released the cock ring and Polly quickly pulled out her finger. I literally erupted! My back arched, my body went into spasms and I screamed! I'm certain the entire household heard me but ignored it. After all this was the usual course of events when I was triple teamed.

I had no problem resting until it was time for me to be dressed, coifed and made up for this wonderful event.


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