Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just So Perfect

Chapter Five: The Gilded Cage

I'd never felt so beautiful in my life. My waist down to a fully restricted nineteen inches and my breasts prominently displayed by the low-cut, full-length satin gown that appeared to be painted on me. So tight it was a second skin!

My heels were a full six inches and the effect was to thrust me forward on my tiptoes. At the hem of the gown, the ruffles tickled my ankles deliciously as I minced around, ever the social butterfly. My coif was a lovely mass of never ending sculpted curls sprayed in place atop my head.

My make up and jewelry perfect! I felt a queen! A movie star!

First my grand entrance down the stairs on the arm of Ma'amselle, to be handed to mother. Mother leading me about, introducing me to her friends and the sissies accompanying them. Finally handed over to my Lucinda who would protect me always.

The clapping that followed mother's announcement of our impending wedding and the lovemaking that evening in bed. All of it so beautifully scripted, like a movie or play!

My education at the hands of Ma'amselle now intensified. My purpose was not only to become a suitable heiress, but a wife to Lucinda. Housekeeping, personal body services, party planning, and charm. I would become the perfect trophy sissy.

In addition, secretarial training for her legal office would be in order. I would learn the ropes, so to speak, in order to be able to help out.

Our wedding was planned for the June following my debutante party, with Prissy as my sissy of honor and Phoebe, Nelly and Betsy as sissy maidens. The location was Mother Melissa's ladies club. One of the members was married to a dominated Judge, and she had ordered him to conduct the ceremony.

I wore a mini style gown for practical reasons, and a wide brimmed southern belle hat. Hair up, I was the picture of demure virginity. I walked down the aisle with Mother Melissa, to the strains of the traditional "Here Comes the Bride."

At the altar however, I knelt, while my queen, Lucinda, in white tuxedo, her hair tied back, stayed standing. The nervous Judge read the vows and only hesitated a few times, once at "Do you Lucinda, take this sissy...?" Then again, when it was time to "...spank the bride."

My gown was raised and my panties pulled down. Before I knew it, Lucinda was laying into me with a folded leather belt. Each time she struck my rear I would shriek, count out loud the number of the stroke and add the words, "Thank you so very much Mistress." Thirteen strokes and I was officially her slave for life.

When it did come time to get kissed, I was a little wobbly, especially in such high heels, but Lucinda lifted me off the ground to make it easy for me.

On our way to the airport for our honeymoon in Europe, I thought of the last time I had been on a plane. The circumstances had been so different. You decide. For better, or for worse.


"Polly! We've got to get out of bed and dress! Lucinda could be home in an hour!" I admonish my maid. Polly had been asked by Lucinda to move in with us after our honeymoon.

Lucinda's business had really picked up, especially where my mother's social set was concerned. Her skill with special adoptions, identity changes and the like was quite sought after. She had gotten so busy that our sex life had dwindled to weekends only.

One afternoon, Polly had caught me masturbating in the tub and had decided to help out. Our noon time dalliances had escalated to "any chance we got."

I was really concerned, felt like a slut and wasn't sure how to handle it. Thus my concern this particular afternoon, that Lucinda might discover us.

"Well if she does find us here, she'll have to join us. Besides, it's Friday afternoon and should could probably use a rubdown from the both of us," Polly said in a very matter of fact way.

"Polly! Are you kidding? I dread the thought of what she may do if she discovers us like this!" I exclaimed, perturbed at her casual attitude.

She smiled, "You think she doesn't know? You think I'd have sex with my employer's wife, without her knowing? What kind of an ungrateful slut do you take me for, Vivian?" she asked, incensed.

"You mean she knows?" I asked, mystified.

"Of course she does. She's known all along. Whenever she's ready we'll have our first threesome," Polly said looking out the window, adding, "That's her now. Put on a nightgown and greet her. Offer to rub her feet. Fix her a drink. Spice up your marriage, sissy girl!" she ordered, smacking me on the butt and chasing me into the living room.

As Vivian came through the door, I took her briefcase and kissed her. She smiled saying, "It's about time, you little hot-pants minx. Get in the room. Is Polly there?" she asked.

"Yes love," I answered.

"Good! Get me a drink and the both of you get naked. I've a three-day weekend coming up. I intend to enjoy it," she said as I scurried to the kitchen.

Two hours later I lie spread-eagled on Polly's bed as she and Vivian "warmed up" in the next room. Some things change ever so slightly. Don't they?

The End

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